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A Day Nashville

This past weekend I had the opportunity to accompany a client to Nashville,TN on the first leg of his promotional tour for his upcoming project. When in a new city, the best thing to do is see the city, be the city and taste the city and I did just that. First stop was the Whiskey Kitchen and then Prince’s Hot Chicken where I met Miss Irene and her cakes/pies.Take a look into my day in Nashville.

This was the first stop of the day was Whiskey Kitchen (Popular watering hole with warm-wood decor, a menu of tavern grub & a global selection of whiskeys) .Located in an area of town known as “The Gulch” , Whiskey Kitchen is a location fit for a good time. I personally hoped for warmer weather so we would have enjoyed the outside but the inside was just a good. The Saturday Morning/Afternoon I visited, the W.K. was nice and packed. A Nice mixture of people and an even better selection of Whiskey. Now onto the drink. This by far is one of the best Whiskey Sours I have ever tasted and the presentation made it even better. I had the opportunity to sample the Barbecue chicken with a side of Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries The taste was great and it also soaked up the Whiskey and send me on my day…lol . If you are ever in Nashville , Make sure to visit Whiskey Kitchen for yourself. located Whiskey Kitchen – Located at 118 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

As we may or may not know The Food Network and The Travel Channel are some of my guild pleasures. One place that I had the chance to see on both stations and never forgot was Prince’s Hot Chicken . This is one of the most down home locations I had the opportunity to patronize. They are known for their Nashville Hot Chicken and they gave me just that. Every order of chicken comes with 2 pieces of bread to not only soak up the grease but help you your taste buds when the cayenne pepper starts dancing on your tongue. “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road????? To Get Fried” . This is what you see on the uniforms of the staff at Prince’s. I tried the medium chicken, which was still hot BUT man was it worth it. The sides were perfectly made. I recommend this place to anyone visiting the area. Be prepared, due to high demand wait times can exceed 30 minutes but once again IT’S WORTH IT. Prince’s Hot Chicken Located at 123 Ewing Dr, Nashville, TN 37207

I want everyone to meet Ms Irene Long. As I waited in the line to order my chicken and receive my chicken at Prince’s, my attention was caught by this lady sitting by the order window with another of my guilty pleasures…Cakes and Pies. While inquiring about these delectable treats, we struck up actual conversation. I won’t go in depth but the moral of the story is find your passion and make it your purpose. Once you have a purpose , you have a career no matter how young or how old. I am now a fan of Ms Irene. I got the opportunity to try Chess Square Cake, Chess Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie. I have never tried them ,only heard of them. The flavors combined tickled my taste-buds and had me wanting more. Next time I am in Nashville, Ms Irene I am coming back to you.


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