A Conversation with Fashion Influencer Nonso Ezekwueche

In the last ten years, the fashion industry has changed in dramatic ways. Storied retailers have collapsed under the pressure of competing with online behemoths like Amazon. Racial and body inclusivity has become increasing front of mind for brands looking to stay a float in a nation that is more diverse than ever before. And fashion influencers have become just as important as traditional marketing techniques when looking to compete for sales in an increasingly saturated market.  To get a better understanding of what a men’s fashion influencer actually does, we sat down with Chukwunonso “Nonso” Ezekwueche, who is blazing a trail in this now highly coveted space.

1. When did you first become interested in fashion (who/what influenced this interest)?

Fashion is something I have cherished since I was a child. Growing up, my biggest fashion influences were my father and my brother, as well as some other people I was surrounded by. I was a really bright child so I easily emulated the stylish people I saw around me.

2. What inspired you to transition into the fashion industry full-time?

I would not say that I work in the fashion industry full-time, yet. In addition to my work in fashion, I have a career in the pharmaceutical industry. However, fashion is something dear to my heart and it is a way for me to express my artistic side to the world and who knows, I could transition into full-time fashion influencing in future.

3. Can you describe for our readers your specific role in the industry and how you work with particular brands?