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A Bit Of Fun In Class Wouldn’t Hurt

Edutainment is not a portmanteau that many would have expected to exist. The idea of merging education and entertainment is plausibly still foreign to some people; despite being used as early as 1954.

We are living in a disruptive era. Each day we keep preceding our imagination. The seismic shift has contributed immensely to merging industries that previously seemed not to correlate. Edutainment is undoubtedly one of such corollary forms.

The pre-existing learning model confines learners to a linear path. It is ostensibly a one-size-fits-all structure. There are apparent demerits to this approach. Hence stakeholders in the education sector have been looking for new ways to impart knowledge to learners.

Edutainments is a product of this bold endeavor. The objective was to make the learning experience and the education process, by extension, fun for the learners. Edutainment represents an intersection between teaching and entertainment value.

Education entertainment has been adopted in various spheres, including academia. As the education sector embraces entertainment's integration, several media technologies have been at the core. This article seeks to highlight some of the popular channels.

Interactive Edutainment

For a long time in the history of modern education, learning has always been a passive process. In so much as the instructor simply disseminates the knowledge as the learner merely absorbs. This approach has proven to be mostly ineffective for any diverse group of students.

Each student has their own unique way of learning. Interactive edutainment seeks to engage all students according to their needs. This means that the learning process becomes personalized substantially in such a way that the instructor can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their students.

The direct result of this approach is an increase in class engagement between the instructor and the learners. It also follows then that students can participate more in class, each to in a means that suits their abilities. Consequently, students acquire a deeper understanding of concepts. Quite similar to custom writing, as demonstrated by professional essay writers.

Interactive edutainment has been adopted in several forms in learning institutions:

  • Video games that are specifically designed to educate as the learners play. Not only do they impart knowledge on specific concepts, but they also help the learners to improve on skills such as problem-solving and decision making.

  • Quizzes to reinforce positive behavior. A player is rewarded once they achieve a particular goal as they advance through the levels.

  • Learning software that simulates the concepts being taught in class. For instance, an instructor can use NASA's Moon Toolkit as they teach about lunar exploration. The learning process, subsequently, becomes more vivid and somewhat tangible.

Immersive learning is still in its formative stages. Nevertheless, it has proven to be a game-changer just as early. Most importantly, it accomplishes the core objective of education rather effectively.

Radios and Podcasts

Since its invention, the radio has always been a popular medium. It, therefore, presents a great platform to reach out to a wide audience. As such, when used for educational purposes, it is a useful tool to bridge the geographical gap. 

The approach is quite simple. Radio shows are scheduled according to the demographics of the listeners. Thus, the preference of the majority of listeners dictates the radio shows that air. Educational shows are then integrated into the program when the audience is mainly students. The topics must be relatable and informative. Radio shows may also invite guest speakers, who typically are professionals in their fields.

Podcasts offer a customized experience of radio. The students themselves will choose podcasts in areas that interest them. At a scheduled time of the day, or the week, they simply tune in and listen. In this digital age, with unmatched convenience, students will preferably download the podcasts and listen at their own time. Hence, the numerous podcast apps available on the internet.

Online Shows

YouTube arguably epitomizes this. What started as merely a platform to post videos to the public has grown immensely in scale and application. Video platforms are an effective tool for visual learning purposes, or students inclined to learn visually.

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The immense popularity of education channels on YouTube is a testament to the growing influence and perhaps effectiveness. Several learners, all over the world, get to acquire knowledge at the convenience of a hand-held gadget.

Education has a lot to gain from entertainment. Edutainment is proof that the doubtable coexistence of both sectors was merely wild speculation.

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Dimitri Pollich
Dimitri Pollich
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