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9 Tips for Men on How to Plan Your Wedding

You’ve popped the question and now it’s wedding planning time. It’s a new day and guys are filling up to the task of assisting with the wedding. We are taking more of an active role because this is going to be seen by the world, through our social media lens. So we reached out to our friend David Anthony over at Wedding MD who gave us simple tips for planning a wedding!

1. Don’t miss your wedding day worrying about your wedding day.

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2. Don’t drag your feet. Book your venue ASAP. Great venues book 18 to 24 months out.

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3. No open seating. You must have a seating chart. The lack of a seating chart confuses the older guests and creates a shortage of seats when people leave an open seat at a table.

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4. If budget is an issue start by shrinking your guest list.

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5. Enjoy the process! Hopefully, you’re only going to do this once – so make the individual pieces fun.

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6. Hire a professional florist. This is not the time to figure out that you are not Martha Stewart.

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7. Keep the bridal party sober before the ceremony. Drunk groomsmen or bridesmaids ruin a beautiful ceremony and cause havoc during pictures and chaos in general. Save the partying for the reception.

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8. Put your earplugs in. Don’t let family and friends' opinions and drama stress you out during the process.

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9. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t want to do at your wedding. It is your day, YOU are the boss.

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