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6 Tips for Launching a Brand with Purpose During Uncertain Times

In an unprecedented time like this, it is crucial to plan. Expect the unexpected is a motto I live by. With many people at home more often, focusing on your brand or business can be overwhelming when you have so many tasks in addition to launching a business. There is power in building something sustainable and purposeful. The pandemic changed the way we think and do business. As someone with his own business that is experiencing delays, unforeseen circumstances, and changes, I can attest to putting in overtime to keep up with the changing economy. There are key things I am doing to adapt to the pandemic. For those that are just starting or were in preparation to launch their business or brand, now may seem like a difficult time to follow through. But there is no time like the present to take that deep dive. But in taking that deep dive, you must make sure you do it with meaningful and thoughtful purpose.

  1. Do a reality check. The reason why you need one is that you need to look at your current company strategy and how it aligns with current trends or events. I had to adapt to the ups and downs of the economy and make sure how my business could handle them. View it daily, reflecting, and changing as needed. Think of why you want to launch right now. A quick money grab would not be in your best interest.

  2. Care for others. This is an important time to care for others. In a time of crisis, people have needs, especially those you work with, so you want to give people a safe work environment. Show your understanding and empathy often. Your patience and care go a long way right now, leaving lasting impressions on those you work with and customers. 

  3. Communicate often. I have never heard any organization say they communicate too much. I believe in following up with people as much as possible so that you are always on the same page. Have compassion and understanding of situations that are out of people’s control. It is not just about the business, it’s about everyone. Take care of the things you say and how you say them. Keeping up a dialogue with people maintains good morale and working relationships and will benefit your brand or business through the continuous conversations you have held up to and after launch. 

  4. Using your time wisely. Use your extra time to look at systems and processes, products, streamlining procedures. Now is the time to finetune and get things in order so that launching is smooth. I’m always trying to look at various aspects of my business that will keep the quality and save time. 

  5. Apply for financing. Fundraising might be hard, so you should investigate government funding programs or low-interest bank loans. Even with a year under my belt with my company, I am always looking for opportunities especially now with how much the pandemic has affected it. With so many businesses having lost a good deal of customers, money is scarce. There is no shame in applying for resources that will keep you afloat and will assist you in giving your business or brand a boost.

  6. Be positive. Being positive with yourself, those you work with, and even with customers can show that you are working hard despite the hardships you might be facing. You want to be respectful and calm. Bringing this positive energy into every space of your life right now will boost the energy of those around you and give them the incentive to continue to do their best during this pandemic.

This pandemic has proved to be frustrating, trying, and a new challenge for those with new brands and businesses. However, it is not an impossible challenge. Having a plan and going forth with that plan with passion, confidence, positivity, and realistic goals can help you set your business up for success in a time that is far from normal. There is no room currently to launch a brand or business without a meaningful purpose. The longevity you sustain has to come from your intentional pursuit of a purposeful endeavor. To check out my brand with purpose go to, and learn more about the vision.

The views expressed are my own and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

Written by Christian Dion Price.

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