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50 Shades of Purple

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In the span of every few decades, there are a very select few who impact pop culture through fashion. Amongst those few elite figures, there is an even smaller subdivision that like a crystal ball, gives the world a glimpse into the future through their cutting edge sense of style. There is one man who has stood at the front lines as a renegade in all his lilac tinged glory, the fashion and music force of nature we have came to know and love, Prince.

Since his 1978 debut, Prince’s outlandish yet somehow invariably elegant stage ensembles have like his music, taken us all on a journey through the mind of genius. This journey was one of hope as well as freedom. Hope that people everywhere can one day be free to define themselves, or not.

Prince seemed to never lose himself behind his oversized avant garde sunglasses, bouffant ruffled shirts, and high heeled boots. Probably because he never labeled himself to begin with. Every artist who exists in entertainment’s current landscape today have in some way have been smudged by Prince’s indelible imprint on the world of fashion. Take a look at Prince’s monolithic presence in the world of fashion through images of his sartorial descendants…

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