5 Things Men Should Know About Dating In This Social Media Era

  1. Everyone has an online dating profile

You may not be on dating sites like Match.com or Christian Mingle but you are on the dating sites Facebook and Instagram. Think about it. People have the ability to see what you look like, what you like to do, what your interests are and who you are attracted to with hashtags MCM and WCW. So make sure your profiles are up to date because everyone is watching.

  1. There are no second chances

Sorry to say but if you mess up you may not have a chance to get them back! There is always another person in their “DM’s” waiting for you to mess up. Before, you just had to worry about someone else seeing them in the club or meeting them at work. Now its on their computers and on their mobile phone apps. We are in a generation that is not willing to work things out. If they don’t like something, its easier for them to move on to the next.

  1. Labels 

Back in the day you could say you are dating. It was the time where you could get to know someone. Go on multiple dates, find out if you are compatible and possibly create a future. Now in these Social Media days everyone wants a label even if people don’t necessarily deserve a label. Everyone wants you to be their #MCM, #Bae and #Boo. There is no more working towards being worthy of that label. People just give these titles away which diminishes its worth.