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5 Office Gadgets that Will Improve Your Health

Are you stuck at the office every day working 8, perhaps even 10 or 12 hours? If so your health is most likely taking a toll.

Back pain, strained eyes, headaches, and more. A lot of the negative consequences of working in the office can, in fact, be helped by some office gadgets. Here are 5 of them to look into investing for better office health.

Protect Your Eyes with Computer Glasses

In recent years we’ve seen a huge improvement in eye technology. Think of what your eyes mean to you and you’ll see that there is no better time to prioritize your eye health. Optometric advisers tell us that staring at a computer won’t damage eyes permanently but you may experience quite a bit of eye discomfort. You could battle with eye muscle fatigue from the glare from your computer and have to deal with headaches, itchy, dry eyes and blurred vision.

There are a few ways you can minimize damage to your eyes and one is to protect them with computer glasses. Gunnar glasses for example with their blue light-filtering lens technology, come with lots of designs, anti-scratch lens- and tint options. The Haus computer glasses specifically have Crystalline tinted lenses. If your job requires you working in true color, then these lenses will work for you. Frame options include aluminum-magnesium alloy, acetate and steel. 

Keep Moving Under the Desk with Cubii

If you’re looking to make new fitness-plan-resolutions for the new year, you need to stick to them, and with the Cubii it’s not as hard as you think. The Bluetooth-enabled cubii is a clever, discreet way to exercise under the desk while you’re sitting at your desk. The under-desk elliptical trainer is an awesome way to get your blood circulating while you sit for hours at your desk.

The bonus part is that it burns calories too – in fact up to 200 calories an hour. It’s so compact you can move it to wherever you’re sitting. It comes with 8 different resistance levels and there’s a display unit that shows you the calories you’re burning, RTM, distance and time. With the Cubii you can seriously stick to your ‘get fit’ resolution – with minimal effort.

Sit Up Straight and Strengthen your Core with a Kneeling Chair

If you’re one of the many people whose workdays are a misery because of an aching back, maybe it’s time to look at a kneeling chair. Not that you want to make this chair your regular one, but you want to be able to alternate your sitting positions often. You want to give your back a break from pain in the tailbone area, and with a kneeling chair, you can.

These kneeling chairs are designed to have you sitting in such a way that your weight is distributed over to the buttocks and shins, taking away the pressure on the lumbar region. People who are used to having pain in the tailbone area can benefit from these types of chairs.

Clean the Air Around You with Wynd Smart Air Purifier

Air pollution causes some major health problems. We’re constantly exposed to the drying effects of air conditioners and air pollution and this polluted air makes it hard to breathe, more so for asthma sufferers.

You need your own personal air quality system. The Wynd Plus Smart Air Purifier is the size of a shoe-box and comes with an iOS app that enlightens you about the air we breathe. It’s got a tracker that monitors your environment and the medical-grade filter removes smoke, dust and germs from the air. Also, it comes with 2 parts – the primary air purifier and a small monitor which is removable and which can also be clipped onto items of clothing, offering insight into air quality.

A trampoline. Yes, a trampoline

What will you reach for first when you arrive in your office Monday morning and you’re feeling uptight? Your mini trampoline of course. You can jump away your frustrations and feel energized and fighting-fit. A good jump-session releases all tension. The trampoline is just 95cm in diameter, it has a steel frame and anti-slip legs and it has a load-bearing capacity of 115kg.

A NASA study reveals that with quietly jumping away in your office, you can benefit from weight loss, your posture is improved as well as mobility and it’s generally great for muscles. The cherry on the top is that your metabolism increases too and you just feel happier.

Summing it All Up

Health is everything. Let a doctor tell you you have a deadly disease and it can be shattering – like a death sentence. Rather take steps now with these simple, but very effective health tactics to rev up your health.

Health isn’t static – it needs constant working on, and choosing these products will pay off because they’ll help with keeping you away from the doctor and bad news on your health.


Docutrend, a leader in cutting-edge office and workforce technologies in the Northeast, provides products and services that help businesses maximize growth through innovative solutions aimed at boosting organizational efficiency and productivity. Integrating office gadgets can significantly enhance health and productivity.


Jony Claber
Jony Claber
Aug 30, 2023

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