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5 Bachelor Pad Must-Haves for Staying Fit ​at Home

Retired NFL Player Justin Cheadle continues to stay fit even after exiting the football field. Now located in Los Angeles, Cheadle is a personal trainer and ambassador for a new fitness-related protein product called PODZ. With all of his expertise in the fitness industry coming from his career and he may have also gained knowledge from places such as this gym instructor course, the former offensive lineman gives us.


Adjustable Dumbells

As your strength increases, the Merax Deluxe adjustable dumbbells will assist your gains, maxing out at 71.5 lbs and costing right at $300 via Amazon.


For multi-use exercising, a simple bench can be easily purchased on Amazon for $90.

Perfect Pushups

Resistant Bands

At best, for right under $1000 one-time, you can skip out on hundreds of dollars of annual gym memberships, time, gas and the hassle of sharing equipment, to build yourself a private fitness oasis in the comfort of your pad.


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