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4 Tips on How to Start Meditating in the New Year

You’ve literally worked all year. You’re always tired, your mind is always racing and you’re stressed. You cannot have another year like 2016. You have to find some type of stress reliever. Some clarity of the mind. One word that can help, Meditation. Going to a meditation class can give you a level of relaxation that can help you ease through every day. If you don’t meditate or haven’t tried it, you should start! We spoke with Yunha Kim, the founder of Simple Habit app and she gave us 4 tips on how to start meditating in the new year.

Tip 1: Start with 5 minutes a day.

Habits don’t happen overnight. Begin with small steps that you can’t talk yourself out of! Try 5-minute meditations that focus on breathing or relaxing, and get comfortable with the stillness of meditation.

Tip 2: Meditate at the same time every morning or every night.

Committing to the same time every day can make all the difference when starting a new habit. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, right before you go to sleep, or another time that works best for you (e.g. lunch breaks), learn to associate a certain time of day with a quick 5-minute meditation. It’ll be much easier for you to do it every day.

Tip 3: Try guided meditations

In my experience, meditation apps are the easiest way to start a meditation practice — all you have to do is listen and follow the teachers’ instructions. There are so many different teachers and styles out there. Be adventurous to find the ones you like most. Simple Habit is a great place to start, with a platform of top teachers from around the world. It’s like Spotify for mindfulness.

Tip 4: Set a goal with a friend

It’s easier to start a new habit when you have someone holding you accountable! Share your goals with a friend — maybe it’s to meditate every day in January — and check in with them to stay on track. I personally like placing bets with friends to help me stay motivated.

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Simple Habit

A former investment banker on Wall Street, Yunha Kim founded Simple Habit in early 2016 after personally discovering the benefits of mindfulness. Designed by a team of world class meditation experts and a Harvard psychologist, Simple Habit meditations are just 5-minutes and personalized for all kinds of life situations. Whether first thing in the morning or before a big meeting, Simple Habit can help get you through your day.

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