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4 Key Eye Tips for Men

We are 5 days into June so that means Men’s Health Month is in full effect! Yes looking great is important and losing weight is good for your health as well but many forget about their eyesight! How do you keep your vision 20 20 or at least stop it from getting worse? Obviously, using things like hypromellose are paramount to keeping your eyes healthy (and if you’re asking “what is hypromellose” make sure to click that link to find out more about it) but what else can you do? has launched an education campaign about the importance of your vision health. Check out 4 Key Eye Tips for men below!

  1. Watch” what you eat: Certain foods can help keep eyes healthy too. The antioxidants in coffee are beneficial to eye health as well as eggs, leafy greens, berries and cold-water fish such as salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help prevent dry eyes and keep the retina healthy.

  2. Protect Your Vision: Did you know that 100,000 eye injuries are sports-related and that 90% of sports-related injuries affect the eyes? Any type of safety eyewear will protect the eyes — sunglasses, safety glasses, eye guards and safety shields. It is very important to wear protective lenses or goggles that have UV protection if you work in a hazardous environment like a construction zone or workshop, or participate in ball sports or extreme sports. If you do work in the construction industry and frequently take part in tasks such as welding, you should also consider using a welding mask to protect your face and eyes. You can also wear special glasses when you’re grinding or welding, however, you will need ones with the right lens shade for your welding application. Also, remember that glasses will only protect your eyes from radiation and not your face.

  3. Don’t Overlook Exams: When it comes to eye health, one of the greatest ways to protect yourself is with annual comprehensive eye exams. Compared to a vision screening that only tests vision for acuity, a comprehensive eye exam checks for acuity as well as overall eye health.

  4. Just walk away: “Computer vision syndrome” and digital eye strain are very real and affect 75% of computer workers, leading to muscular strain, muscular stress, and eye discomfort. Wearing computer glasses, (or sleep glasses if you have to use a screen before bed), taking a break, magnifying text, blinking frequently and making sure the screen is 20-28 inches away are all ways to prevent computer vision syndrome.


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