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MGM+ Unveils First Look at 'The Emperor of Ocean Park' Starring Forest Whitaker

MGM+ has released the first trailer for its upcoming series The Emperor of Ocean Park, premiering on July 14.

The Emperor of Ocean Park - Forest Whitaker

The Emperor of Ocean Park intersects the worlds of politics, academia, and the residents of Martha’s Vineyard. It focuses on Talcott Garland (Grantham Coleman), a respected law professor whose life is upended by his father's mysterious death. His father, Judge Oliver Garland (Forest Whitaker), a once-promising Black nominee to the Supreme Court, dies of what seems to be a heart attack. However, the judge’s death is soon questioned by Talcott's sister, Mariah (Tiffany Mack), a former journalist and staunch conspiracy theorist who suspects foul play.

With the release of the trailer, it was announced that Keith Powers is part of the cast. The Perfect Find star will play Lionel 'Nasty Nel' Eldridge, an ex-NBA star turned law student who seeks guidance and mentorship from Talcott. Other newly announced cast members include Kelli Simpkins, Keith Kupferer and Deanna Reed-Foster.

"'Emperor of Ocean Park' is much more than a murder mystery. While it is an engrossing whodunit in its own right, it also explores important themes of middle-and-upper-class Black identity, making it an outstanding addition to MGM+’s slate of engaging and thought-provoking original series," said Michael Wright, head of MGM+, in a press release.

The 10-episode series is created by John Wells and Shearman Payne, with Payne also serving as the executive producer.

The Emperor of Ocean Park will debut new episodes on Sundays, running through September 15, on MGM+. Check out the trailer below.


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