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Kirk Franklin Delivers Commencement Speech At Morris Brown College, Receives Honorary Degree

Last Saturday, Morris Brown College celebrated its graduation ceremony with gospel music legend Kirk Franklin as the commencement speaker. The event took place in Atlanta, where Franklin addressed the graduating class with a moving speech that emphasized resilience and faith.

Kirk Franklin
Photo Credit: Instagram - @KirkFranklin

During the ceremony, Dr. Kevin James, the president of Morris Brown College, presented Franklin with an Honorary Doctorate in Music. This honor recognizes Franklin’s impact on music and his significant contributions to the community. Dr. James took to Instagram to express his admiration for Franklin’s commencement address, praising its powerful message and the encouragement it provided to the graduates.

"HUGE congrats to these amazing graduates on all their accomplishments! You did it! This is such a momentous occasion, and the legendary Kirk Franklin made it even more special with his powerful commencement speech. Dr. Franklin’s message about calling on your source during life’s challenges was truly inspiring," Dr. James wrote. He highlighted the importance of inner strength and the role of faith in overcoming life's hurdles.

Dr. Kevin James, Kirk Franklin
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Morris Brown College

The honorary degree was presented as a token of gratitude for Franklin's influence and dedication to inspiring others. "Mr. Kirk Franklin, on behalf of the Morris Brown College Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, we are honored sir to give you on today an honorary doctorate in music," Dr. James announced during the ceremony.

"I could bore you with the stories of embarrassment about how my lack of education became the antagonist of my soul…. Gertrude had a fourth-grade education, the daughter of cotton field workers, and I her son failed through the system with ADHD and abandonment issues too extensive to write. But today I see the world as my classroom and my faith as my final," Franklin shared on his Instagram following the event.

He reflected on his life's journey, describing it as "an extensive song written as a tribute to Jesus, Gertrude, Tammy, my children, those that birthed me but couldn’t love me, and to you… Those of you reading this, supporting me even when you didn’t fully understand me."

The event was not only a celebration of the graduates' achievements but also a testament to the powerful impact of faith and perseverance shared through Franklin’s inspiring words.

Congratulations, Kirk Franklin!

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Kennedy Ira
Kennedy Ira
7 days ago

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quordle game
23 de mai.

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