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Becoming A New Father Inspired This Entrepreneur To Open An Ice Cream Shop

Joel Franklin is a Jamaican-American entrepreneur from New York, which may explain why he has so many businesses. His entrepreneurial path is decorated with a diverse portfolio of ventures, ranging from nightclubs and restaurants to smoke shops and large-scale event planning, including everything from pool parties to food festivals. With every business venture, a new chapter begins in Joel's journey.

However, the heart of Joel's entrepreneurial narrative beats strongest at Phuse Cream, a South Florida dessert shop specializing in combining macaron cookies with sweet ice cream flavors inspired by cultures worldwide, creating a unique dessert experience. The creation of Phuse Cream was a turning point in Franklin's career.

Phuse Cream - Joel Franklin

“The inspiration for opening my ice cream shop came from becoming a new father and wanting to create a brand that reflects the latest stage in my life. My deep-rooted love for sweets passed down through generations, fueled my desire to build something special that can be passed down for generations,” Franklin says about the inspiration behind Phuse Cream.

Joel and his daughter, Nala, shared a love for sweets and their adventures around the globe. With travels from Europe to the UAE and the Caribbean, Joel has gathered unique flavors and inspirations, incorporating them into the very fabric of Phuse Cream. 

The name ''Phuse''—deriving from ''fuse'' or ''fusion''—captures the essence of Joel's vision: a dessert shop that blends culinary traditions to create the ultimate delicacy, all while fostering a sense of community and shared delight. 

“At Phuse Cream, we specialize in fusion ice cream that draws inspiration from the diverse cultures across America and the world. As a foodie who travels extensively to try new foods I've discovered on social media, I find an abundance of inspiration to create innovative, new, exciting ice cream flavors,” Franklin shares. This concept has captivated customers and earned Phuse Cream the People's Choice Award at Dessert Wars 2023 and #8 in the national competition. 

Franklin’s travels have influenced the diverse menu and instilled a deep appreciation for the cultures behind the flavors. Now, alongside Nala, his travel companion since she was two, he continues to explore the world, bringing back a piece of each journey to Phuse Cream.

With community initiatives like Christmas toy giveaways with notable figures like Rick Ross, Kodak Black, Tory Lanez, and French Montana to sponsoring community events like vending for American Heritage High School's homecoming, Phuse Cream is showing how love for ice cream brings people together. 

As Franklin gears up to open another Phuse Cream location, he has one piece of advice for us all, “Understand that every business has two core components: the craft and the business structure. Mastering the business aspect and comprehending all its components is crucial to scale. If you're seeking to escape a traditional job, consider mastering a trade and taking on a hobby rather than starting a business. A business requires constant attention, care, ongoing education, and more.” 

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