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5 Things Brandon Scott Has Done To Earn The Title Of Mayor

Tragedy recently hit the city of Baltimore. After being struck by an out-of-control cargo boat, the Francis Scott Key Bridge suffered a complete collapse, leading dozens of lives to be lost in the dead of night. Most who witnessed the tragedy unfold on social media reacted with compassion and heartbreak. But a few others watched the video of death and destruction and saw it as an opportunity to be blatantly racist against the City’s leaders. Particularly the Mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott.

Mayor Brandon Scott

For the last week, online racists have used the term DEI (Didn’t Earn It) to describe both Mayor Scott and the other Black members of Baltimore’s government. Not only are these claims completely irrelevant to the freak accident that the City just suffered, but they are entirely untrue. In fact, we put together a list of Mayor Scott's accomplishments that prove that he’s more than earned his position as the leader of B-More.


Won the 2020 Mayoral Election by an Overwhelming Majority


Probably the most damaging fact to the notion that Mayor Scott “didn’t earn it” is the fact that he won the mayoral seat by a landslide. More than 70% of Baltimore residents voted for him in 2020. The runner-up in the election barely even cracked 20%. Even the most hardcore of 2020 election deniers would have to concede that a margin that large can’t be faked. Honestly, if winning the trust of a major city isn’t “earning it” then nothing is.


One of the Youngest People Ever Elected to a Baltimore City Position 


After a stint of working as a liaison for then-City Council President and future Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, Scott ran for and won the 2nd district city council seat. Making him one of the youngest people ever in Baltimore’s history to hold an elected office at the age of 27. He would eventually be elected to be City Council President by unanimous vote in 2019.


Actually Defunded the Police and Managed to Make the City Safer


During the political unrest of 2020, the term “Defund the police” was being used as a rallying cry for protesters. Some left-leaning politicians joined in the calls to cut police funding in a show of solidarity with their voter base. But when it came time to put words to action, most lawmakers back-peddled their statements. Brandon Scott, however, didn’t. Instead, he helped lead the charge in his city for $22 million of police budget cuts. Not only that, but since his mayoral election Baltimore has seen a significant drop in violent crime and is on track to hit a homicide low not seen in almost 10 years.


Fighting Homelessness by Building Shelters and Making Homes Affordable 


Instead of focusing his efforts on clearing homeless camps or installing oddly shaped benches, Mayor Scott has dedicated city resources to housing those in need. Not only has the city introduced a $1 home program similar to Detroit’s, but the mayor himself has secured a deal for the city to buy two hotel buildings and repurpose them into large homeless shelters. Though both of these resolutions are early in development, they are the biggest moves to bolster housing that Baltimore has seen in years.


Introduced the Equity Assessment Ordinance Bill in Baltimore


During his time as a councilperson, Scott was instrumental in creating Baltimore’s Equity Assessment Program. The bill that led to the program’s creation outlines that all City agencies must analyze how every action they make affects marginalized groups (racial minorities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, lower-class households, etc). It also codifies specific seats in City government with the responsibility of upholding the standards of the program. Scott not only supported this bill, but he also introduced it in the City council and saw it through to completion.


Over the past 13 years, Brandon Scott has gone above and beyond to prove himself to the people of his city. He is not only qualified for the position he’s been elected for, but he’s utilizing his power to the fullest to better the lives of Baltimoreans. Outsiders claiming that he somehow didn’t earn the mayoral seat are either woefully uninformed or outright lying.


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