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Drumma Boy: Crafting Hits, Shaping Futures

Christopher "Drumma Boy" Gholson is a classically trained musician who has produced records selling over 11.5 million copies and has appeared on albums selling over 13.5 million. He has been nominated for multiple BET Awards and has won a few Grammys. But with all the success and accolades behind him, he is still yearning for more.

Drumma Boy

Drumma Boy, a Grammy award-winning producer, entrepreneur, musician, coach, app developer, brand ambassador, and most recently, a podcast co-host on Beauty & The Beats took a break from his schedule fresh off his book signing tour to fill The Quintessential Gentleman in on his past, present and future.

Known for his storytelling and positive outlook on life, Drumma Boy touched on what it means to be one of the greatest ever to do it in his profession. Growing up in Memphis, he was part of the church choir, but his true passion lay in his exceptional talent for beat-making. This passion led him into the world of musical production, where he has thrived and carved out his distinctive path for over two decades.

Drumma Boy

Coming from a background filled with musical geniuses, with his mother an opera singer and his father a musical professor, Drumma Boy was born with an innate predisposition for musical greatness. He remembers the different musical influences of childhood: at his mom’s house, he was immersed in the sounds of artists like The Temptations, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Marvin Gaye, while at his father’s house, he was exposed to the works of Duke Ellington and Miles Davis, owing to his father's deep passion for jazz.

With a profound admiration for musical luminaries such as Beethoven, Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach, along with numerous African American composers, Drumma Boy continues to refine his craft even twenty years later, still perfecting an already unblemished craft.

His longevity in the industry stems from his upbringing and the support of his late brother, Ferrell “Ensayne” Wayne Miles, who mentored him and kept him safe in the streets of Memphis and Atlanta. Miles would shop his music around various parts of the city knowing that his brother would soon blow up. While the passing of his brother shook him to his core, the Memphis legend used his pain to find his way back to music and has continued to be a prominent pillar in the music industry. 

Drumma Boy

Embracing the title of “trap music founder,” Drumma Boy explained, “When you are connected to the streets and to the people who are in the streets, it’s easy to create a sound that the artist can speak their truth.” He says a lot of artists rap about hustling and getting money but "from the trap standpoint, the trap rappers were the rappers that were actually doing what they rapping about in real life and a certain beat was behind that." Drumma Boy goes on to share that the first trap rapper he ever worked with was Yo Gotti putting him on his Trap Mt. Rushmore alongside T.I., Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy

"Speak what you want into existence. Motivate the people around you to give what's missing," Drumma Boy emphasizes when discussing what's needed to change the world. Additionally, he shares the importance of understanding your purpose, which is instrumental in separating yourself from peers and truly determines the extent of your success.

Drumma Boy's outlook on life as an OG has created a strong sense of community, driving his commitment to reaching his hands down to the youth. He believes that knowledge is power and is dedicated to sharing his experiences with the younger generation who look like him. Last year, he released his first book, Behind The Hits, which looks into his life behind the music and explores his creativity. He hopes that this book will inspire future generations of entrepreneurs.

Drumma Boy Book - Behind The Hits
Photo Credit: Nuance Art LLC and Money Graphics

The iconic producer shows no signs of slowing down and has much more in store as he continues to promote his book, uplift his community, and pivot to franchising the House of Fresh fashion boutique in Atlanta, Georgia that he owns.

Photo Credit: Robert Ector


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