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Mike Epps Releases Trailer For His New Netflix Special 'Ready To Sell Out'

Mike Epps is returning to Netflix with his fourth comedy stand-up special, titled Ready to Sell Out, set to release on Tuesday, February 20.

Mike Epps

Ready to Sell Out is Epps' fourth collaboration with Netflix, following the success of his previous specials: Don't Take It Personal in 2015, Only One Mike in 2019, and Indiana Mike in 2022.

Despite his significant achievements, Epps humorously reflects on the disappearance of his wealth and the complexities of his relationships.

"I know y'all seen me in the movies, but the money is gone," Epps says in the first line of the trailer. In the upcoming hour-long special, the comedian will talk about various aspects of his career and personal life, reflecting on his success, financial challenges, relationships, and his unique observations on life.

Check out the trailer for Mike Epps: Ready to Sell Out below.

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