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Swizz Beatz Brings Back 'AlUla On Wheels' Roller-Skating Event in Saudi Arabia

Grammy award-winning producer, rapper, art connoisseur, philanthropist, and a lengthy list of other phenomenal accolades can be used to describe Swizz Beatz

AlUla On Wheels

Today, the multifaceted icon is gearing up for what some would call the sequel to the AlUla on Wheels. Yes, this is the same AlUla that you have seen Usher, Alicia Keys and Kanye West partake in. 

After a successful rollout of AlUla on Wheels, which debuted in 2023, Beatz is set on another efficacious launch. The roller-skating event that made major headlines last year is back again, only this time it is set to be even more breathtaking than before. Thousands of curious adventurers traveled to the sands of the Arabian desert to enjoy last year’s pop up and many are ecstatic that it is back.

Swizz Beatz

From January 25 until April 27, the skating event “AlUla on Wheels II” will appear in Saudi Arabia and will deliver a roller-skating experience like no other. Not only will the premiere be set in Saudi Arabia, but it will also become a permanent piece of the cultural landscape for thousands of enthused tourists to visit. 

The AlUla on Wheels II also known as the “AlJadidah Time Machine” will transport all tourists aboard to three different destinations combining different skate themes and music from the 70s, known as the golden era of skate, on through the 90s where a nostalgic vibe will set in for travelers. Lastly, there will be a look into the future. The 2030s to be exact, where attendees will have the opportunity to envision what the skating scene will look like in Saudi Arabia.  

AlUla On Wheels

AlUla on Wheels II promises to deliver a journey like no other where skating and music join forces like the classic movie Roll Bounce. Unlike the movie, this event will be captured in real time. 

The latest iteration of AlUla on Wheels proves that Saudi Arabia is diversifying its culture and developing an extraordinary future with the help of Beatz and his cultural agency, Good Intentions.

AlUla On Wheels

In a press release, our 2023 Family Issue cover star says, “What we’ve planned this year stretches the boundaries of music and art and proves that creativity flows seamlessly around the world.”  

Beatz is no stranger to innovation as he and fellow music producer Timbaland found major success during the pandemic with the head-to-head music battle known as Verzuz. 

The Harvard University graduate is also an art collector who recently announced alongside his wife Alicia Keys’ their new exhibition “Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys," which will appear at the Brooklyn Museum this February. 

AlUla On Wheels

With his creative agency located in Saudi Arabia and ownership of a camel racing team, Beatz has undoubtedly shown his global reach. This latest project, longevity and innovation are at the forefront of his agenda.


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