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Michael B. Jordan Introduces Moss, First-Of-Its-Kind Sea Moss Drinks

There’s a reason Michael B. Jordan looks like the best boxer in the world in all the Creeds that have already come out.

Michael B. Jordan Moss

It’s because he’s investing in a lot of healthy products and making a lot of sacrifices. Things haven’t changed as Jordan has recently partnered with health-focused café and brand Dr.Smood to launch MOSS, a unique sea moss beverage that is now available for purchase in the states, according to Hypebeast.

The sea moss’ main purpose is to “bring balance back to our lives” through sea moss drinks blended with organic juices, botanical extracts and herbs.

Michael B. Jordan

The lineup of MOSS at launch includes Pure, Pomegranate and Mango Ginger. For the Pure flavor, it is a minimalist blend that features the crisp taste of sweet lime and sea moss. Mango Ginger offers an energizing kick that includes tropical mango and zesty ginger. The pomegranate flavor adds a light, yet tart twist with pomegranate juice and botanical extracts, with each variant offering a unique taste experience.

Additionally, Moss is also offering Mango Ginger V2, which is a flavor exclusive to its website that is exchanged with ashwagandha.

Still, Moss isn’t just about individual well-being; it’s also committed to environmental health. It has packaging that meets Oceanic Global’s Blue standard, certifying it as plastic-free. The company has also pledged over $25,000 to several organizations supporting ocean conservation and community welfare.

Flavors such as Mango Ginger V1, Pomegranate and Pure can be purchased on the website as a pack of four drinks for $24.

“Health and wellness are top priorities. It we don’t feel good, we can’t show up as our best, for ourselves or for each other,” Jordan said to Afrotech. “My goal with MOSS, and generally with doing businesses in the space, is to bring healthy living to more people, and to make it easy and enjoyable to put wellness first.”

CEO of Dr. Smood Group, Francesco, said the product will be a great experience.

“As co-founder as well as manufacturer of MOSS, our partnership with Michael B. Jordan not only allows us to offer a celebrated ingredient in a new, flavorful experience, but also demonstrates as well as amplifies how prioritizing wellness for people + planet, can be easy, enjoyable, and part of your every day routine.”


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