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John Boyega To Star In 'The Book of Eli' Prequel Series

John Boyega will step into Denzel Washington's shoes, playing a younger version of Washington's character in a prequel series based on The Book of Eli movie.

John Boyega

Boyega will also serve as executive producer on the project, which will be directed by Allen and Albert Hughes who will also be executive producers. The film's writer/producer, Gary Whitta, will be on hand to work on the prequel series.

The neo-Western 2010 movie, starred Washington as a nomad and survivor in a post-apocalyptic America, having survived a nuclear catastrophe that caused ecocide. The character Eli is a protector of a sacred book that holds the secrets to humanity’s salvation.

The film grossed over $157.1 worldwide on an $80 million budget. At present time, there are few details available about the expected TV prequel series, but according to Deadline, the series will take place 30 years before the storyline of the movie, which will be around the time of the nuclear fallout described in the movie.

Alcon Entertainment, the series' production company, will take the series to select premium buyers in the television industry. The project is set to mark one of the highest-profile, star-driven, IP-based packages to hit the premium TV marketplace since the end of 2023's Hollywood strikes.

Most recently, Boyega starred in last year's Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone and will star in the sci-fi romance The Freshening.

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