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Give Your Followers Something New

If you are a content creator or find that you have a lot of followers on your social media platforms who interact with you regularly, why not try a new way to connect with them? 

Whether you are already using Patreon or Onlyfans to connect with your followers, there are other ways to connect and chat with fans or give them a way to help support you financially if they choose.


As you will be aware, as a content creator, you only get paid by certain platforms once you hit their targets. If you have yet to hit those targets, you may work your full-time job while creating content. It is possible to make content creation a full-time job if you can make it worth it for you.

Making content creation a full-time job is why many people turn to Patreon and Onlyfans, creating accounts and giving exclusive content to paying members. Whether you release videos sooner, do giveaways, or just give more of yourself to attract more followers. 

Everyone finds a different way to make the platform work for them. Some creators will make content on the platform unpaid but put a link to their cash app or Venmo, where people can tip or pay for a coffee to support their content. 

If you are considering making a page on a site where people can contribute to your content, you may consider going to Alua is a site similar to only fans, without focusing on adult content. 

Bring your followers with you and allow them to talk to you on a more personal level and tip you. Without the restrictions to monetization that some social media apps have, you can transfer and build your fanbase in a way you will enjoy. 

Keeping Followers

You may be concerned that changing platforms will affect your following. You do not have to fully switch platforms to make money. Having content on different platforms can increase your income, allowing you to do more and give more to your fans. 

Many people find that their core members who have followed them for a long period are willing to pay to see content. Paying for content can also depend on prices. 

When looking at moving to a paid-for platform, it is a good idea to look at how much people pay on average. Or give people the option of different levels or tiers of membership, offering different things for those who pay more. It would be up to you whether this is special giveaways or special content. 

A good idea could be to put a poll out to your members and find out what they want. Polling your members would allow your followers to see you care about their opinions and see if this is something you would be happy with.

Being a content creator does not have to mean working for free. As a content creator, you work a lot and often for very little to no pay. Move to a platform that will help you not only grow your following but also allow you to give your followers the option to pay you for what you do. 

By introducing the opportunity for your followers to contribute to what you do, you may find you enjoy your job more.


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