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Barber App Launches Fund To Provide Financial Aid To Future Barbers

One Black barber app is doing all it can to help Black barbers stay in school.


theCut app launched a $5,000 scholarship fund, which was revealed at Shear Elegance: A Night to Save Barbering, that would be on tap, according to Black Enterprise.

The main purpose of the fund is to provide financial aid to people potentially impacted by the Department of Education’s (DEO) proposed amendments to the gainful employment rule, which could critically affect funding for those who want to be barbers and beauticians.

According to theCut’s website, this “will limit opportunities for low-income families and disproportionately affect communities of color.” But with the implementation fund, aspiring barbers and beauticians can continue to utilize “essential resources despite the potential regulatory changes."

“In an attempt to protect the career choices of aspiring barbers and stylists, we launched the campaign to raise awareness and hopefully become a resource to the DOE in this new environment,” theCut founder Obi Omile said to the Black Enterprise. “Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in the latter.”

Thanks to a relentless commitment to supporting the barber as well as the beauty community, theCut hopes to assist the next generation of barbers and cosmetologists, while raising awareness of the pertinence to the community.

“Barbers and stylists are essential,” Omile said. “This was proven during the pandemic, as they were almost considered essential workers. “These professionals are tasked with ensuring that everyone can look good, feel good, and do good as often as they so choose. Making sure that we have a future filled with barbers and stylists is obviously important for the mere fact of grooming and appearance upkeep. However, it’s also important to manage supply and demand dynamics to keep prices steady and to best mitigate against unsafe practices throughout the industry.”

theCut is centerstage of the barbering community, working to bring folks with skilled barbers together, nationwide. In 2016, theCut surpassed Google’s search volume in the barbering sector, which racked up 1.4 milled searches.

For folks eager to donate and want to support theCut’s scholarship campaign can go here. Their goal is to get 10,000 signatures.

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