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5 Times We Heard About Katt Williams' Generosity

Katt Williams
Photo Credit: Katt Williams Instagram

Recently, comedian Katt Williams has been in the headlines after his interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay went viral. Williams is known for his hilarious acts on stage, but many people don't know about his acts of charity. This is largely by design as Williams has expressed that he doesn’t do these acts for fame but because it’s the right thing to do. Although Williams doesn't boast about his generosity, it's important to share how big his heart is.

Check out five times we learned of Katt Williams' generosity.

Paid For Melba Moore’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Melba Moore shared her story of Williams’ generosity as he helped pay for her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. To receive your star, recipients are charged a fee for the creation, installation and upkeep. While giving her speech, Moore told the crowd that Katt played a key role in securing her the star. She said she is “still speechless and overwhelmed” followed by “forever grateful and humble.”

When asked about helping pay for the star, Katt said, according to BET, “I looked up who paved the way for Melba Moore. Who was the person that excelled in all of those things, and I found out that that person did not exist. Melba Moore is one-of-one in our industry, and that’s what we’re celebrating.”

Overpaid Richie Redding For His Opening Act

When Richie Redding first met Williams he was an up-and-coming comedian struggling to make a name for himself until he got a call to open up for Friday star at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. He performed his set, which was well received, and then met Williams backstage. Redding tells us that Williams loved his performance, paid him five times more than he was originally contracted for and promised to get him on the road. The next month he received a call and ended up doing 160 shows with Williams for three years.

In a tweet, Redding says, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t been the first person to believe in me.”

Gifted A Fan $1,000 After Finding Out She Needed A Kidney Transplant

Photo Credit: TMZ

In 2013, after a performance in Boston, Williams gifted a fan $1,000 in cash after learning she needed a kidney transplant. 

According to TMZ, a member of Williams' security team noticed a woman crying. When asked why, she said it was “tears of joy” as this was the first time she had laughed since being told she needed a new kidney. The security team brought her backstage where she met Williams. Being so moved by her story, he handed her a sheet of paper filled with ten $100 bills and a note that read, “God never leaves.”

Gave Out $200,000 To His Old Neighborhood

Beanie Sigel reminisces on seeing Williams give out $200,000 in his old neighborhood. 

In an interview earlier last year, Sigel describes seeing Williams in his old neighborhood handing much-needed help to the residents. After hearing the problems the residents were having, Williams decided to bless them by handing out $10,000 to each resident and even gave the lady the mink coat straight off his back.

Gifted Boosie $15,000 

In a recent interview with VladTV, Boosie revealed that Williams gifted him $15,000 after being released from prison. 

Boosie explains that he was invited to Williams' show and was treated like a king. He then describes when Williams gave him $15,000, “He ran up with a rubber band in a towel and said huh Boosie and ran back inside didn’t give me a chance to say thank you or nothing.”

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