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Kid Cudi Receives Honorary Master's Degree In Fashion Design

Kid Cudi isn’t just a rapper. He’s a multilevel man in society.

Kid Cudi
Photo Credit: Instagram - @KidCudi

He was once recognized for his influential style and aesthetic. Now, he’s being recognized for receiving his honorary Master's degree from Istituto Marangoni Miami. The school specializes in fashion and design, according to Blavity.

Cudi recently posted footage of him receiving his Master’s on Instagram.

“Today was a really special day,” he began his caption. “Man, words can’t really express how I felt/feel now in this moment. I’m happy; I feel complete, accomplished, validated, and all the things that bring immense joy. My mom sharing this moment with me was everything. She got emotional, and it was such a special memory we’ll have together forever. I never walked across any stage. I got my GED in high school and only did a year of college.”

In the Instagram post, it shows him wearing a custom-made cap, gown, and white Jordans, and he is alongside his mother. According to HipHopDX, the 39-year-old got the degree in fashion design.

“My mom finally got to see me achieve what I thought I’d never do. And it was beautiful. 🥹 Thank you to @istitutomarangoni_miami, the wholE staff/faculty and ESPECIALLY the STUDENTS (THE FUTURE!!) for welcoming me and my family and friends w open arms and blessing me w this prestigious honor,” he continued. “I had such a wonderful time meeting you all!! I send u all my love, and I will be back very, very soon. We gotta keep building!!! Elevate!!!. Holy f**k, I got my masters.”

Additionally, Istituto Marangoni Miami’s IG page announced the earnings from the artists’ Members of the Rage pop-up store would indeed go toward scholarship funding.

“This honorary degree from Istituto Marangoni Miami recognizes Scott’s (@kidcudi) accomplishments and vision in shaping the scene of modern fashion and luxury with Members of the Rage (@membersoftherage). Recognizing the inspiration he is to young creatives. It is an honor for us to present this to the world of fashion worldwide and also a statement in the continuous pursuit of education in fashion and design; it is the future and the present of creativity,” the post reads.


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