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Duke Deuce Collaborates With Design Powerhouses On New Snapback Collection

Duke Deuce partner ups with a few companies for an exclusive collection.

Duke Deuce Snapback Collection

Deuce teamed up with design powerhouses NOMAGIK and PINHEADS for the exclusive M Snapback collection, which made its release last Friday, according to a press release.

Duke, known for his high-energy performances and “electrifying charisma,” channeled his particular style and cutting-edge “street sensibility into this outstanding collection.

The snapbacks incorporate NOMAGIK’s innovative “design aesthetic and PINHEADS’s distinctive urban mojo, making this collaboration unique and truly representative of contemporary street culture.” Branded as an ode to the heart of Memphis, the collaboration pays homage to the city’s rich and diverse music and cultural scene.

The collection comprises six colorways and includes different hat pins for each release. Each hat also has a hidden OR code that unlocks exclusive access to Duke’s music, special releases and merchandise upon scanning. The first seven orders received a free autographed hat from Duke Deuce himself.

Fans can purchase only at

Deuce, who was once signed to Quality Control Music, had a debut album in 2021 named Duke Nukem. He followed it up with Crunkstar in 2022 and Memphis Massacre III in late 2022.

He is best known for his song, Crunk Ain’t Dead, which eventually had a remix with fellow Memphis rapper Juicy J and Project Pat and Lil Jon.

His rise to fame was thanks to the single Yeh and Crunk Ain’t Dead.

Deuce went through some controversy earlier in the year, according to Yahoo. Somebody attempted to hit him with a car. The car hit his arm, leaving him with minor injuries. There weren’t any broken bones during this incident.

“No broken bones or nothing, though .. thank God. I’m a hard body n**ga (for real), he said in an Instagram post.

Since then, Deuce has stood on his business. He recently explained to HipHop DX why he left Quality Control.

“I’m not longer QC, he said. “And it aint no bad blood. I love P and Coach. Them my guys type shit. But at the same time though, I aint gon lie, I feel good to gone head and be moving on cause honestly bruh, I’m elevating, and I’m more than just a rapper.”

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