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Chance Brown: Staying Consistent While Building His Legacy

Stepping into his new life wasn’t easy at first for Chance Brown. In recent years, the former Los Angeles police officer has been thrust into the spotlight along with his wife, media personality, author and actress, Tabitha Brown.

Chance Brown

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What started with the NAACP award winner posting clips to her social media, quickly transitioned into fans wanting to know more about not only Tabitha but also her husband. Now, after some time, Chance is getting used to the attention and well-wishes from celebrity friends, and those who seek out his advice on how to be the ultimate family man.

What he has always kept intact is his desire to inspire a younger generation through his non-profit, Team Chance Basketball.

“That’s a misconception,” Brown says about being a busy guy with a huge smile on his face during the start of our interview. Showing his humbleness, make no mistake, the father of three has a schedule that takes a certain skill to balance. Besides special appearances, panel discussions, co-hosting a podcast, and being present for his family, Brown is the founder and coach of his non-profit.

Team Chance Basketball is described as a life skills training program. The academy is for youth ages 8-13 years old. The program uses basketball as a vehicle to mentor, build strong character, and create a keen sense of self-awareness in kids as they grow through the program.

Perhaps the passion that Brown shows for the community is why he and his wife are treated like newfound royalty in every room they enter.

Chance Brown

“I am like wow,” Browns says regarding being in rooms with some of Hollywood’s heavy hitters. “It is kind of hard,” he continues. “It is hard to say that this is our new life.”

That new life sees Brown and his family living and thriving in Los Angeles. The basketball coach is grateful for his new life, but like many, Brown suffers from imposter syndrome. Dealing with it leads him to wonder why people are fans and love the couple “so much.” When it comes to his wife, Brown says with a smile that he understands why his wife has a booming career, sharing that she is a “loveable person.”

“It seems like just yesterday that she and I were sitting as teenage sweethearts talking about all of this,” Brown says about the couple’s rising empire. “For it to come to pass, it really is a wow moment.”

It is the relatability that Brown exudes. He hasn’t shied away from getting over obstacles in not only his marriage but also by decisions made growing up. “I’ve always wanted to be a decent human being,” Brown says about bad decisions of the past. “But after getting over those, I knew I was getting second opportunities, and I always wanted to make the best of them.”

With his second chance, Brown thought about the energy he was putting into the world, his contribution, and being a good supporter of the people who love him best. “I am not out here trying to win a war,” Brown explains. “But for the sake of my son, for the sake of my family, and for the sake of Black folks, I just want to be a good representation.”

Brown’s mission came by way of what he describes as a turning point in his life. “When I witnessed my mother-in-law’s death,” he describes. “I asked God for several years to show himself… for me to witness a miracle, and in her passing I was able to witness that miracle.” Many wouldn’t describe death as a miracle, but Brown’s mindset and faith have allowed him to think differently and teach others how to do the same.

“I truly believe I got to encounter an angel,” Browns says of his late mother-in-law. “Her faith was relentless.” It was the family’s loss that “put a lot of things in perspective,” Brown says. “About life, decisions made, how we live and how we love,” were all lessons from Brown’s turning point.

Chance Brown

Looking back, Brown had no idea that the same life-changing event would also become a full-circle moment for his career. “[My mother-in-law] prophesized everything that is happening right now in our lives,” he explains proudly. “She told me I had a ministry,” Brown laughs, knowing that he wasn’t the same God-fearing man that he is today. “But to later find out, and given what a ministry is and watching how your testimony can help others, it has all become a full-circle moment.”

Brown’s ministry has been on full display with his Team Chance Basketball non-profit. With services that range from mentorship to advanced skills training. The kids who join do get a chance to learn basic basketball fundamentals, but for Brown, the non-profit is so much more.

“That's my heart, man,” Browns says. "It is my place of peace… I love kids… I tell people this all the time. I love kids, I tolerate adults,” he laughs. "I'm a firm believer in kids and the age that I deal with is from nine until 13. I feel like those are the most important years of everyone's lives. This is where you're being shaped and where you're starting to develop your own personality.”

Brown says the non-profit is his way of giving back and helping to “build a village for my son.” The podcast host says that he realized the importance of building a village and Team Chance Basketball is his twist on tapping into the past. Team Chance Basketball also focuses on discipline, that “old school discipline,” Brown says. The discipline where kids are still being held accountable. The founder also says it is okay to adapt to new methods of teaching as well.

For the boy-dad, new methods of raising kids have to be adapted when also having to be a coach for his son, who is also a part of the program. In one of Brown’s social media posts, fans watched as he coached his son one-on-one. The caption describes how Brown feels about having to be a coach-dad. Brown’s followers were touched when he wrote that he did not care if his son made it to the NBA.

“I'm very intentional about it,” Brown says of how he approaches raising his son as well as coaching his son. “I don't want my son to be pressured… if he decides today that he doesn't want to play basketball, I'm completely fine with it. I don't want to lose sight of how good he is, and start focusing on things that are way down the line, that we don't get to enjoy each other.”

Brown went on to explain his mindset. “My father wasn't around… my mom was not able to be around during early years. I don't want to lose sight that on the more important things. I need my son to understand that yeah, we want you to work as hard as you can, but also help him work on his independence, accountability, integrity and work ethic,” Brown concludes.

While Brown admits that the work always has to be done in his approach to his career, family, and how he raises his kids, the ultimate family man leans on his ability to stay consistent in doing the work. That consistency has helped him create a lasting legacy for his community and fans alike.

Check out the full interview below.


Chance Brown's journey alongside Tabitha Brown highlights resilience and adaptation in the limelight. It's inspiring to see him embrace his role and influence, offering advice on family and garnering support from fans and celebrities alike. Their story is a testament to navigating newfound fame with grace. turkish baklava


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One of my favorite basketball players along with Jordan. My wish is to be able to throw a ball or play candy clicker with him one day!!

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