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8 Tips On Planning Your Next Family Reunion

Family reunion who we introducing...

Family Reunion

Family reunions are a staple in the Black community. For decades, families have found time to gather to celebrate everyone's wins, remember the good times of the past and talk about the great things for the future.

Over the years, family reunions have evolved. Hosting a day cookout in the park has turned into family gatherings that last a weekend or even a week. From traveling to different states or countries to booking a cruise and experiencing tropical destination spots, families are exploring all options on how to spend time with the ones they love.

There is always a planner in the group who starts the process of making sure the reunion will be one to remember. This same family member is normally stressed while taking on the responsibility of organizing and hosting.

After years of attending, arguably and with bias, some of the greatest family reunions to ever take place, and even helping plan a couple, I have picked up a few tricks that will help your family reunions in the future go down in your family's history.

Pick a committed committee

I know there are family members who agree to help in any way that they can but putting together an epic family reunion will take commitment from all involved. Having a president, secretary, treasurer, and other volunteers who help organize, ideate ideas, and give feedback are all important.

Plan Ahead

Life gets in the way of a lot! Trying to stay balanced and taking on more work for the sake of keeping your family dynamic energetic and filled with love, is work. Planning ahead will help ease some of the stress. Some families host reunions once a year, and some host one every two years. Plan destination, activities, payment, and everything else your day or weekend entails a year out. Planning ahead also allows you to communicate with your family giving them time to make proper traveling decisions and save money.

Attend Meetings With Reunion Committee

Now that you have a committee, those who have agreed must meet. In the early stages, once a month will do. After each meeting, everyone should have their "homework" to have completed by the next meeting. It could be researching hotels, coming up with payment plans etc... As the year goes by, more frequent meetings should take place.

Mindful of Funds

Money shouldn't stop a family from gathering. From taking care of the kids and other expenses, you don't want to push any family member away who may not be able to afford a grand spectacle. Thinking of ways to help keep costs down will ensure a great turnout. The committee can host fundraisers, sell food plates, sell raffle tickets, and create other ways to raise money to help create a solid foundation.

Diversify the Itinerary

It can be draining having to make sure to attend to everything that is happening within a weekend. Make it easy on your family with multiple activities they can do among themselves or their favorite cousins, but have one event that serves as a purpose for everyone to be together. Some family members may want to do their own thing like shopping, going to brunch, or even the local beach. Having information on activities and excursions will help you keep track as well as allow you to rest when the others go out on the town.

Keep it Old School

The vibes have to be right for fun to be had. And let's face it, old-school music is the best to get any party started. Yes, the young members of the family may screw up their faces, but eventually they will give in to the fun.

Keep Up to Date Contact Information

It's going to happen. Someone will say they did not receive any information about the reunion and thanks to Aunt Bertha they were able to come. Stop those complaints by making sure everyone in attendance gives their latest contact information, helping you plan for the next reunion.

Remember to Celebrate

Although the days will be long and nights even longer, remember you are also a part of the family. Take time to enjoy, show your face, smile, dance and have fun. If it is always treated like work, it will be hard to grow every year when you or your committee doesn't want to do it any longer.

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Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Nov 30, 2023

Spend some time enjoying yourself, be yourself, smile, dance, and have fun. It will be difficult to expand each year if it is consistently approached like work, even after you or your committee decide to give it up.

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