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Usher Says He Will Be Speaking Specifically To Men In His New Album

Usher has released his latest single Good Good featuring Summer Walker and 21 Savage and by the looks of social media, everyone's loving it. But, where is the new album?


In Vibe Magazine's recent cover story titled Usher Vs. Ursher, Usher says he will be "speaking specifically to men or for men" in his new album. With the King of R&B being in the game for three-plus decades, going through a myriad of issues that also impact the Black man, his new album can’t help but sing to the plagues of the majority of Black men.

In the story, the R&B singer reveals some of his vulnerabilities that are likely to pop up on his new album. The Las Vegas showman is slated to release his ninth studio album this year. Usher admitted that he is battling between two personalities. Still, there is a time and a place for everything, he said.

“To be honest, I’m just trying to make sure that everything that comes out of my mouth is as authentic and real as possible,” Usher said in the interview. “That’s all that really matters. If you’re real about it, you’re just transparent, there’s something magical that happens in that moment. Most of the songs that I’ve done -- (when) I was being that way -- became something. The times when I was actually just having fun and just being authentic, that became something. I ain’t introverted in a way where I ain’t talking to you. It’s a real conversation. I’m really telling you the truth. And really just being transparent with you.”

Usher is battling that aspect of his life because he revealed in the article that his life “is a very complicated situation.” But he still stands the test of life no matter the situation that is thrown at him, battling the different complexities and vulnerabilities of being a Black man.

“I try to give 100% of myself to everything. And it’s very difficult to do that -- to be a 100% father, a 100% partner, a 100% best friend, a 100% son, a 100% brother, 100% artist, a 100% creative, a 100% artist. It’s just, it’s a lot,” he shared in the interview.

Although Usher has mastered many talents over the years, his hardest challenge was being single.

“I think the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do was be single,” Usher said.

He would go on to divulge that he doesn’t like to be alone, and would rather create a life with someone. According to several reports, he is with his current girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea, who he has a son and daughter with.

In the article, Usher said it took a lot for him to heal, pointing to his absent relationship with his father growing up as a key factor as to why it may have taken him a little bit to find the kind of love he wants.

In the end, he said he just wants his kids to be able to talk to him despite how he came up.

“I want them to know that they can talk to me, that I understand,” he said. “I am hard on my kids because I only want them to be great and I want them to be accountable. And I want them to laugh. I want them to understand integrity because this life that they have access to as a result of the hard work that I put in, wasn’t given to me easy. So I want them to feel the same way about something, to be passionate about that.”

These days Usher is introspective after the many off-the-stage battles he has faced, so much so that his new album coming out this year is really based on Black men.

“I think that if we go back to the basis of where it all comes from, we’re trying to be the best versions of what we didn’t understand,” Usher said. “This ain’t even about music. It’s about life for men. There’s a truth in it because I think women will listen to it and be like, ‘I feel that way, too.’ I am speaking specifically to men..., though. I’m trying to make it clear that you’ve got to go through these things, and there’s nothing that we can do about it. Unfortunately, it’s the reality of what it is to be one. And we keep going through the same thing, we’re battling the same thing. Even if we’re happy, we’re battling the same issues, whether you choose to share it or not. We cope and deal with the same emotional stuff, we just don’t necessarily always have an outlet.”

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