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'Bad Boys 4' Release Date Has Been Confirmed

A SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike is going on. But that hasn’t stopped the biggest Will Smith and Martin Lawrence franchise of all time.

Bad Boys

Sony, despite all of the delaying of seven major movies because of the strike, pushed forward in setting a release date for Bad Boys 4, which will be June 14, 2024, according to This is just in time for Father’s Day weekend.

The announcement of Bad Boys 4 is of no surprise, especially given how successful Bad Boys for Life was in 2020. That movie grossed over $426 million against a $90 million production budget.

The confirmation of directing duo Adil & Bilall and writer Chris Bremner’s returning before the movie’s planning stages proved to be promising, eventually achieving some level of similar success.

Will Smith confirmed Bad Boys 4 in a video announcement, and filming began in April.

It’s still early to confirm the exact cast. But with a plot twist in the last film that had Armando Armas be revealed as Mike’s (Will Smith) son, actor Jacob Scipio could make his return, especially following the post-credit teaser.

Still, Bad Boys for Life cast members are returning, including Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly, Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, and Paola Nunez as Captain Rita Secada. While she didn’t appear in Bad Boys for Life, Gabrielle Union could make her return in the fourth movie as Syd, Marcus’ (Martin Lawrence) sister. Union had a Bad Boys spinoff show, L.A.’s Finest slated, but it was canceled. Theresa Randle, who was the wife of Marcus in all three movies, will be replaced by Camden, New Jersey's Tasha Smith.

Two more names are added to the cast. Melanie Liburd will join the cast, but who she is playing is still a mystery, though her character name is Christine. Fans may know Liburd from the TV show, This is Us, where she played Zoe. Additionally, it appears that the Bad Boy 4 villain will be a familiar face from HBO’s Euphoria playing Cal Jacobs in Euphoria, Eric Dane signed on to play the movie’s villain.

The newest actor joining the Bad Boys cast is Rhea Seehorn, who played Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul. Wexler earned two academy awards for her performance in the Breaking Bad spinoff.


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