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Tupac Case Reopened, Authorities Seize Evidence In Las Vegas

The Tupac Shakur case is alive and well.


Las Vegas police on Tuesday confirmed that they in fact served a search warrant this past week in association with the long-unsolved murder of who many consider the greatest rapper of all time, Tupac. This development propels the case right back into stardom nearly 30 years after Tupac’s reported death in Las Vegas.

Tupac, who rose to fame in the 90s because of his skills in rap and in movies, was reportedly shot the night of Sept. 7, 1996, in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He was 25.

Numerous documentaries and a movie confirmed that Shakur was involved in a brawl in a Las Vegas casino, which was retaliation from a previous incident involving rival gang members.

There still haven’t been any arrests made. Still, attention on the case is because of numerous conspiracy theories that have been sustained for decades.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement that a search was conducted Monday in Henderson, Nevada, but the agency did not say if a suspect has been identified, according to

According to, articles about Shakur and his death were seized by the police.

The search of the house is viewed as a success, according to officials, though detectives doubt the belongings confiscated could present a direct association between the “target of the investigation and the drive-by shooting that (reportedly) killed Tupac along the strip in 1996."

Other items taken from the home were computers, hard drives and pictures from the 1990s that “apparently show individuals who might have been connected to people directly or indirectly involved in the drive-by shooting," officials said. Also seized were copies of the book, Compton Street Legend by Duane Keith Davis, aka Keffe D, who has claimed he is one of the two living eyewitnesses of the shooting.

Records in connection to the search are currently sealed, according to

In order for the investigation to get done, Las Vegas homicide detectives and prosecutors determined by Monday night there was enough information. The search was then done at around 11 pm with Las Vegas Metro PD SWAT on hand.

The scene was detailed as loud, including the police using bullhorns and lights.

Evidence in the case is now being presented to a Las Vegas grand jury.

Investigators have already believed the triggerman is likely dead, as the shooter was killed in a separate shooting just two years after the Tupac drive-by. Still, the current investigation could lead to who was in the car with the gunman when shots rang out, leading to someone being charged as an accomplice.

Before the shooting, Tupac attended a Mike Tyson fight. He was a star amongst stars thanks to his four world-renown albums created, as well as his 12 critically acclaimed films before his death. Shakur was also heavily involved in gang-related peace, while also having a vision to unite the East and West Coast music scenes despite sensationalism widely created by various news outlets in the mid-90s.


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