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Diddy Launches Online Marketplace For Black Businesses

There is a new marketplace for Black businesses thanks to one of the biggest hip-hop moguls.


Sean "Diddy" Combs on Tuesday launched Empower Global (EG). This is "a curated immersive e-commerce platform that allows consumers to discover and buy products exclusively created and sold by Black entrepreneurs," according to Cision PR Newswire.

What exactly does this new platform do? It provides Black businesses with more of an audience, empowering consumers to buy the best Black-owned brands in beauty, fashion, art and lifestyle.

Thanks to culture and community, the platform elevates "the Black economy by creating opportunities for Black entrepreneurs to build and scale successful businesses by making shopping with Black brands easy and accessible."

The initial launch unveiled over 70 Black businesses, including Silver & Riley, Actively Black, Scotch Porter, Coco & Breezy, Kultured Misfits, Gwen Beloti Jewelry, Buttah Skin, Marie Hunter Beauty, Pound Cake, B.M. Franklin & Co., Beauty State Cosmetics, Cecilia's House, Cise, Cool Creative Clothing, June 79 Rebecca Allen, among many other businesses. New Black businesses will be introduced shortly.

The goal is to grow the website in an effort to showcase over 200 brands by the end of 2023.

"My mission has always been to empower Black entrepreneurs and create more opportunities for them to access the resources, tools and support needed to build successful businesses," Combs said. "Empower Global will uplift Black entrepreneurs, keep dollars circulating in our community, and make buying Black a lifestyle.

President of Combs Global, Tarik Brooks, said it's all about loyalty to Black entrepreneurs.

"Empower Global is transformative platform that embodies Sean Combs' unwavering commitment to Black entrepreneurship," Brooks said. "On behalf of Combs Global, we are thrilled to launch this initiative, which is not only showcases the incredible products and talents of Black-owned businesses but also provides a gateway for consumers to support and uplift our community. Through Empower Global, we aim to foster sustainable growth and create lasting opportunities that will leave a positive and enduring impact on the Black economy."

Additionally, Empower Global and UPS are partnering to ensure Black-owned businesses are even more accessible by offering unique deals and shipping rates. In the "Through the Days of Deals" initiative, a few select sellers can offer discounts for specific products and free UPS shopping for any purchase on the platform, but for a limited time.

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Devry Ross
Devry Ross
Aug 28, 2023

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