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Young Bronx Activist Creates Mental Health Non-Profit After High School Student Suicide

One young Black man is dedicated to changing the conversation around mental health in communities of color.

Dorian Hollingsworth

Twenty-one-year-old Dorian Hollingsworth Jr. out of the Bronx, New York founded Teen Care Network, Inc, a nonprofit organization that is centered on mental health in communities of color.

Hollingsworth, known as a passionate, driven leader, is focused on supporting his community and empowering youth to ensure that mental health is a serious situation. He does this by normalizing mental health conversations in communities of color.

How did all this begin?

He started all of this when a high school student committed suicide in high school in the Bronx in 2018.

This is when Hollingsworth took action.

He started the Teen Care Network, which is an organization driven to bridging the gap “between care and community by providing free mental health resources to teens while simultaneously quipping communities and families with the resources they need to uplift healthy mental health conversations and break stigmas in communities of color," according to

The goal of Hollingsworth is to bring mental wellness to the world and get to a point in which conversations about how folks feel both physically and mentally are now normalized, and that all people have the resources needed to turn to for help.

To honor and help the situation pertaining to the young teen’s tragic situation, Hollingsworth launched the Community Impact Fund dedicated to changing communities of color, which will directly fund Teen Care Network’s efforts in those communities. Students and schools will then have resources to help with different mental health situations.

Those interested can support Teen Care Network on May 20, for the Day of Impact — a day that is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Community Impact Fund, according to

The mission is simple for the Community Impact Fund: to establish, elevate and protect spaces and resources that promote black healing on the road to mental wellness.

The fund will help embark on the following programs: Project Dreamer and Adopt-A-School.

Folks can learn more about Teen Care Network’s Community Impact Fund and sow a seed at Also, folks can find a therapist, share resources, sow a seed, among other things, at


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