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Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure to the Breath-taking Simien Mountains in Ethiopia

If you are planning an adventure-filled vacation, the best place to go is Ethiopia. What is so special about this African country? Well, the first thing to note about it is that it has a rich culture and heritage and has never been colonized.

The next vital point to note about his country is its distinct uniqueness, which sets it apart from the rest of Africa. Its natural beauty is full of interesting contrasts, including tall, rugged mountains, beautiful lakes, and volcanic eruptions. Ethiopian Airlines bookings can be easily done online in just minutes.

Where the tour starts

The adventure starts in the capital city of Addis Ababa, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Emperor Menekil founded it in 1886, and its unique quality is the abundance of Eucalyptus trees. The city is a mix of ancient and modern, and as you explore it, you get to enjoy lovely Ethiopian cuisine. A must-see is its Merkato, also known as the continent’s largest open-air market and its many ethnological museums.

The next stop will be Bahir Dar, a lovely place in Ethiopia’s northwestern region. You can fly here from Addis Ababa. Take a boat trip to the famous Lake Tana, which is very enjoyable. While traveling the lake’s 3600 square kilometers, you will see its many islands covered with a lot of monasteries and churches, many of which are the oldest in the world. Inside them is a trip back in time as you get to see ancient manuscripts, historical artifacts, and walls and ceilings covered with elaborate mural paintings that are simply breathtaking.

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Now make a trip to Gondar, an ancient city that is also called the Camelot of Africa. Filled with some of the most beautiful churches, palaces, and castles, it is indeed a treat to explore. Its ruined castles, also known as Fesil Ghebbi, once served as the home for Ethiopian royalty. Outstanding amongst them is the 17th-century castle of Emperor Fasilides, known for being a curious mix of local, Indian, and Portuguese architectural styles.

Touring the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia

The next place to visit is Debark, which is 90 km from Gondar, a small town situated at the base of the Simien Mountains. It is at this location that you initiate the journey upwards into the Siemens Mountains. It also serves as the starting point for hiking tours that get you exploring Siemens Mountain National Park.

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These tours will show you majestic scenery in the form of rugged mountain tops, deep valleys, and even precipices of 1500 meters, all of which were created by soil erosion happening over millions of years. There are two main lodges here and nine campsites through which you can discover the best parts of these mountains.

Ideally, it is best to opt for a two- to three-day stay in these mountains, where you camp along the main escarpment, or stay in the available lodges here. Once you are comfortably settled into your camp, book guides will take you to the viewpoint locations. These guides will also show available hiking trails and key spots where wildlife abounds. Those who are more adventurous can opt for a two-week camping stay, during which they can go on extensive hiking trails that showcase various areas of these mountains and also the lesser-known ones, thus getting to know the terrain like none other.

One of the most amazing aspects about the Simien Mountains is that it is home to the highest peak in the country, called the Ras Dashen, which is 4500 metres high. It is popular with hikers and trekkers because it is one of Ethiopia’s most stunning areas, one that seems to have exotic flora and fauna. Key spots to check out are Jinbar Falls, Sankaber, Gich, Chennak, and Imex Gogo. Popular wildlife animals that you won't want to miss include the Gelada monkeys, the Ethiopian wolf, and the Walia ibex.

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Trekking along the Simien Mountains is a unique and beautiful experience, as it enables you to enjoy greenery and wilderness at close quarters. Ethiopian Airlines booking through the internet enables you to get tickets to the country to enjoy a fun-filled and adventurous time in this lovely African country.


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