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7 Tips on Networking: Remixed

They say “your net worth is your network.” There are some young entrepreneurs who are still figuring out the best ways to keep much-needed relationships and make them work for their bottom line and professional growth. From gatekeeping to the lack of resources, Black entrepreneurs are still underrepresented, but there are ways to build and unblock personal resistance. From not being confident, feeling too busy, and not understanding the importance of patience, the idea of networking can be yet another daunting journey to make your dreams and goals come true.

Moses Carroll’s name is not widely known, but you have definitely seen his work. With a lengthy repertoire of fitness philanthropy, the entrepreneur has strong roots in the city of Atlanta. As the Owner of Fitsquad Studios, and President of MC Healthcare, Inc, and Creator and Founder of Pole Dance America, Carroll has successfully incorporated his passion for health and fitness into an umbrella for community wellness development and programming.

1. Push your comfort zones: It makes sense to build a network of professionals within your industry and discipline, but you can gain a lot from expanding your reach. Bringing more diversity into your network gives you access to more innovative ideas. It’s about expanding.

2. Create a talent pool: You will need to build a strong team. Through networking, you can find great people directly or by referrals which expands everyone’s growth opportunities. It’s about building relationships.

3. Ditch the sales pitch: It is not about closing a deal, It’s about creating relationships, helping others where you can, learning about their interests, introducing them to people you know, and finding ways to further their career or strengthen their networks. It’s about paying it forward.

4. Give back to your network: It’s important to give back. You want to go into every

relationship prioritizing the other person, rather than yourself. It’s about long-term


5. Network to increase: Real-time engagement: Instead of relying on industry events to catch up with your contacts, you can cut out the middleman by arranging informal gatherings for your professional network. It helps you get to know your contacts in a less formal setting, which will allow you to strengthen the relationship. It’s about communicating.

6. Use social networks: Win people over with your enthusiasm for your product or service. Leave a lasting impression by telling a story about why you were inspired to create your company. Talking about what you enjoy is often contagious. When you get other people to share their passion, it creates a memorable two-way conversation.

Networking is about being happy and confident.

7. Smile: It’s a simple, but often overlooked rule of engagement. By smiling, you will put your nervous self at ease, and you will also come across as warm and inviting to others. Remember to smile before you enter the room, or before you start your next conversation. It’s about being you.

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Eroh Eroh
Eroh Eroh
02 avr. 2023

Well yes, being succesful in network as much important as being succesful IRL. I believe that internet gives wasy more possibilities for those who seek power. This way you can create yourself and become succesful. I believe that one thing that can help you to achieve this - is to create your own website and make valuable and useful for other people. There are a lot of instruments, that could help you with this. Like for example, geolocation redirects instrument that can help you connect people of other races, and those who use different language in one community. I think that this is important, as for you if you want to have international succes, and for your potential client…

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