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Jewelry Rules Every Man Must Absolutely Follow

Buying jewelry is often tricky for men, and wearing it is even more challenging. You may feel uncomfortable wearing a chain or rings to work or even parties because jewelry has never been a masculine accessory. However, celebs and stars inspire modern males to style themselves with fashionable pieces. You can actually add a classy touch to your ensemble by picking the ideal pieces and styling them perfectly. In fact, you can follow some stylist-recommended rules to ace the look. Here is a list of jewelry rules every man must absolutely follow.

Rule #1 Focus on the occasion

The first rule men should adhere to while wearing jewelry is to focus on the occasion. After all, you will not want unwanted attention for inappropriate dressing. Avoid chunky chains and gemstone rings while dressing for an interview or a work meeting. But you can flaunt them on a date night, concert, or at a party with your friends. You can even ditch everything but your wedding ring on occasions such as a funeral.

Rule #2 Maintain optimal balance

Like your outfit, you must balance your accessories too, and jewelry is no exception. For example, follow minimalism when you feel dressy with your ensemble. A thick gold chain will definitely not go well with a tailored suit. You can opt for classy cufflinks or a simple gold ring instead of an attention-grabbing chain or bracelet. Maintaining equilibrium in your look is the key.

Rule #3 Follow your personal style

Whatever you choose to wear for any occasion, you must follow your personal style. You must keep it in mind while buying jewelry pieces in the first place. The good thing is that you can personalize them instead of opting for ready pieces. Check custom men’s wedding bands because you will probably wear them every day. So it should replicate your taste and style sense perfectly. You will feel more comfortable and confident with this approach.

Rule #4 Check the trends

Men’s jewelry has less variety than women’s collections. But you can still pick and choose if you are savvy enough. Check the latest trends in the market every time you plan to enhance your collection. You can follow your favorite celeb style instead of industry trends if you want to stick with your tastes. But remember to buy classy and timeless pieces you can wear effortlessly over the years.

Rule #5 Build a capsule collection

Men need not spend a fortune on their jewelry collection because less is more. However, you may want to buy more down the line. Stylists recommend following the capsule mindset while investing in a jewelry collection. Pick the essentials, such as a gold chain, a pair of cufflinks, and a classy watch. A wedding band is a gift for married men. You can mix and match these essentials to create winning ensembles for all occasions.

You need not be overwhelmed with jewelry styles as a man. Following these simple fashion rules helps you style your pieces like a pro.


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