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4 Bedroom Radiator Design Ideas

Your bedroom is your space to feel safe and comfortable, so designing it in a way that’s personal to you is essential. The radiators that you choose allow you to feel warm and toasty during the colder months – but did you know, the radiators that you add can enhance your aesthetic? Gone are the days of plain, white radiators that fade into the background. You can choose from a range of options that mean you can put your own twist on your space, whether that’s with a towel rail radiator, a colored, designer radiator, or a classic cast iron radiator – there are appliances to suit all. Read on for four bedroom radiators that you could choose for heating and style.

Cast iron radiators

A cast iron radiator would be a great addition to any bedroom. These radiators are some of the most classic and traditional when it comes to design, but it goes without saying that they wouldn’t be out of place in a modern home. These radiators are some of the best when it comes to efficient heating – the individual columns heat up, allowing air to circulate around them and carry heat into your bedroom. If you’re looking for a classic style with elegant, clean lines, a cast iron radiator would be the perfect addition to your home. If you’re sticking with a classic look, a traditionally finished cast iron radiator may be your first choice, or if you’re looking to change it up, a colored option means you can put a contemporary twist on a classic.

Vertical radiators

You may be familiar with vertical radiators if you have a towel rail in your bathroom, but they don’t have to remain contained in a specific room! Vertical radiators come in all heights and widths so you can choose an appliance that is right for you. You can choose vertical radiators with tubes or flat columns depending on what your preference is when it comes to style and space, you can also choose various finishes, whether you’d like to add a bit of sparkle with a polished, chrome radiator, or you prefer the look of a more rustic, brushed finish. Vertical radiators can also be helpful if you don’t have a lot of horizontal, or floor space. If you’re looking for something both functional and stylish, this could be one of the best designs for you.

Colored radiators

If you enjoy standing out from the crowd, a colored radiator could be the perfect choice for your bedroom. Your bedroom design is personal to you – you can create the aesthetic that you love the most, and try out new styles, and what better way to enhance a room that you love than to add a stunning, designer radiator? If you’re trying to match a certain aesthetic, there is bound to be a color for you, or if you are simply looking for your favorite color, you’re sure to find it with the huge range of options on the market. You can choose bright, cold colors, or muted, calm colors – whichever you prefer.

Flat front panel radiators

These are some of the most unique-looking radiators on the market. They are completely different to what you may find with traditional, white radiators. These flat radiators are, you guessed it, completely flat at the front. The innovative design allows you to stand out from the crowd, whilst benefiting from the most efficient heating so your bedroom can be both stylish and toasty. These flat-fronted radiators are aesthetically pleasing, whether you’re looking for a modern, anthracite grey, or a more eye-catching bright color to change the feel and look of your bedroom. If you’re looking for a contemporary radiator that’s different from the rest, a flat-fronted radiator could be the best choice for you.

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