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4 Fashion Rules All Men Should Know

Your aim might be to be the best dressed in a room or at least, to be well-dressed at all times. No matter what the aim is, you sure do want your clothing to convey your sense of style. This can prove to be herculean as what qualifies as stylish most times is subject to trends in fashion.

It is even more challenging to stylize your wardrobe as a man because you will find that there are a lot of restrictive rules guiding menswear. Here, in this article, you will be given 4 fashion rules for men that should inform the basis of your wardrobe and styling choices.

Embrace versatile outerwear

Many times, the only item that is needed to add flare to your outfit could be your choice of outerwear. You could be decked in dull-colored clothes with simple, straight cuts but when layered with suitable outerwear, the outlook can be lifted instantly.

It is especially beneficial when this outerwear is a versatile one like a varsity jacket. Or if you love playing golf as a hobby or even as a business meeting, it is important to wear a jacket that is both appealing and comfortable while playing golf. There are tons of golf jackets for men online that are not only appealing and comfortable, but also affordable as well. This versatile outerwear can be worn in most seasons, in business casual and casual settings without being too much or too little.

Own your style

Perhaps, the most important rule in fashion for men - own your style. Granted, your sense of style may not be as stylish as something out of a magazine. This does not mean it should not be improved. It should and can be improved but this must not be at the expense of your style.

Your clothing should reflect your preferences, and this should not be lost while looking to fashion icons for inspiration. Emulate their style but do not copy their outfits.

Classics over trendy

The highly recommended classic wears are so-named for a reason. They never go out of season nor do they fail to look stylish when paired with fitting outerwear or accessories. Going for classic clothes rather than trendy ones also saves you the money spent on getting flashy items regularly.

Invest in classic shirts that suit your body structure. Some shirts could be worn with or without a tie so it’s easy to layer with either a coat or jacket. Solid colors for pieces of denim and chinos will never go out of fashion. But be sure to include a few brighter colors and patterned wear in your selection for more range.

Finish off with minimal accessories

Clothing accessories are good buys. Cufflinks, quality wristwatches, belts, and ties not only bring individuality to your dressing but can be sources of color to your more simple-colored fit. It is an acceptable rule to wear your ties in a shade darker than your outerwear. This should be done to complement the fit and not match it.

It can also be easy to overdo the men's accessories you wear at once; little cufflinks here, one wristwatch there, a wristband or tie here and you begin to look like a Christmas tree. If you begin to wonder if you have a little too many accessories on, remove one item. Less can be more when it comes to fashion.

These basic fashion rules will guide your choice in menswear but they can be a massive flop if they are not matched with quality shoes. Quality shoes alone can elevate the style of even the most basic outfit. Whether it is a sneaker or some Italian leather, invest in quality shoes for that overall fashion makeover.


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Volpa Faro
Mar 22, 2023

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Nick Chernick
Mar 22, 2023

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