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Former NBA Player Neil Edwards is Betting On Himself Through Art

Black art has always been revolutionary. The artists behind some of the most popular works that have contributed to the progression of society are often overlooked, but their talent cannot be denied. Former NBA player Neil Edwards is looking to help change the way we talk about Black art and Black artists.

"I was always an artist," Edwards says. The 6'10 powerhouse was on a path that followed his passion. From attending art and design school and working on his craft, Edwards' vision for his life was derailed when his home life affected his passion. After dropping out of art school, Edwards found himself on a dangerous path.

Like so many young Black boys, expectations for Edwards to get into sports were high. " I was always athletic. I also played football and baseball, so basketball was really nothing to pick up," Edwards says about how he entered into the sport. Once basketball and other moments took on a life of their own, Edwards stepped away from art for 20 years.

"I always told my wife if I move into a bigger space, that I would get back to art," Edwards says. He remained true to his promise. Now living in Long Island, New York, Edwards started to lean into his artistry. By just wanting to decorate his new house, Edwards' first piece went viral after posting it. Followers started requesting pieces, which showed Edwards that there was a demand for his art.

After creating multiple pieces, Edwards knew it was time for him to show his work to the public. During the middle of the pandemic "people came out in droves" to attend his gallery in Brooklyn, New York. That gallery led to more visibility for the artist. Edwards describes his next chapter as a "rebirth."

Watch our Neil Edwards interview below, ahead of his appearance at this summer's Hamptons Fine Art Fair.

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