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5 Best Healthy Takeout Spots in New York

They say you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food, and we completely agree with them.

This is what takeouts are for. You can simply order food, have them delivered to your doorstep, and dine with your family while binge-watching Netflix. You can even eat your dinner in your pajamas, which is probably the best part of having a takeout spot next door.

We agree that not all the restaurants have takeout options, which is why we have made a list of the next NYC restaurants with a takeout option on the list.

Mille Nonne

If you want to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine at your home, Mille Nonne is the best place for you to pick up your takeout basket from.

The food is delicious, authentic, affordable, and healthy, which makes it one of the best Italian food choices in NYC.

The signature dish here is Spinach Meatballs, Quinoa, and Organic Turkey. So, you can order it without worrying about how it will taste. If you’re looking for a safer choice, Mille Nonne Lasagna is an equally good food choice.

Even though the restaurant was established in 2018, it has gathered a loyal fanbase who knows nothing but Mille Nonne when it comes to choosing Italian cuisine.

Taste Of Greece

This family-owned restaurant has been in the heart of NYC for 19 years, and they are still ruling the hearts and tummies of fans.

When you look at their menu card, the wide array of Mediterranean salads will appeal to you. Starting from free-range Chicken Breasts to wild salmon—you can get everything at your fingertips.

The dishes are equally tasty and healthy, which makes them even optimum for a takeout choice. Moreover, they believe in a perpetual improvement of their cooking skills, making them even better for their customers.

With so many years in the business, this restaurant’s takeout options boast nothing but authenticity and credibility.


If you’re looking for a healthy takeout option in NYC, Honeybrains should be one of your top picks. They make their dishes yummy with a whole new collection of fermented foods, spices, herbs, and pure sweeteners.

Takeout probably won’t taste so good when you order your meal from this neuroscience-backed restaurant. Each of its dishes is approved by nutritionists and neuroscientists.

Since you cannot formulate essential nutrients inside your body, there have to be some diet options from which you can acquire them.

When you eat their food, you will have stronger brains for life, and that’s not something you take for granted, right?


You don’t have to talk about ordinary food choices anymore when you have Mediterranean-inspired herbs and spices.

This place has great reviews, so you won’t have to worry about your takeouts anymore. You can make this place a fixed one in your list from where you can order a wide range of dishes.

There are some truly delicious pitas and salads that you can order, and the combination of the wholesome mixture of different ingredients will make your dinner more appealing than ever.

The servers here are pretty friendly and humble, so if you want to explore the indoor dining option at Roti, you can do so.

Eva’s Kitchen

If you want your dinner to be made with farm-fresh ingredients and vegetables, Eva’s Kitchen should be your go-to spot for ordering takeout.

The Guacamole Salad, Lentil Soup, Greek Salad, and Chicken Spinach Wrap are some of the best dish options in this restaurant. So, as you can see, the menu option is diverse and healthy.

People who have dined here consider this restaurant to be a good enough reason to live in New York, so you can guess how popular it is.

The staff is pretty fast while taking your order, which means you have to say the orders carefully because there’s no room for mistakes in their dictionary.

Keep Eating!

Are you ready to order food?

We bet you are.

Now that you have the list of the best takeout spots in New York, you should be more than ready to order food and dine inside.

There are lots of options on their menu cards, which means you won’t have to go through the same monotonous menu over and over again.

We think it will be good for your eating habits to explore some options, so if you need more guidance on this topic, ping us below.

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