Willie Parker Talks About Life Being Tougher After the NFL, What He Misses Most and Giving Back

Willie Parker is a former NFL running back who won two Super Bowl Championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers and holds the title of the longest-rushing play in Super Bowl history. After playing six seasons in the league, Parker retired in 2012 but has remained busy with his community initiatives.

In 2020, Parker founded 39 Legends Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide assistance, tools and inspiration to underprivileged children in the community. Parker is continuing his entrepreneurial efforts with the launch of the lifestyle brand, Moguls + Legends, which is co-founded by Dr. Sheria Rowe.

We caught up with the former NFLer turned entrepreneur to discuss his latest venture, life after the NFL and more.

What does life look like after almost a decade of retiring from the NFL?

Life for Willie Parker... I'm doing a great job at navigating around helping folks out and trying to incorporate what I've done on the field into everyday life. I think I'm finding out more ways to do that each and every day. I assembled a team that helped me in finding initiatives out here in this community that I live in and the younger generation.