East Chop Capital Bridging Gaps Between Access to Capital and Financial Freedom

East Chop Capital is a private equity firm that invests in people, ideas, and businesses that positively impact the world while building wealth for our investors. Founded by Carrington Carter and Calvin Butts out of the necessity of pooling many resources to accomplish more collectively than individuals can on their own.

East Chop is a residential area in the town of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, on the island of

Martha’s Vineyard where two of their vacation rental homes are located. Due to its natural beauty, rich history, sense of community, and being known as a place where one can enjoy the simple things in life, it was the perfect inspiration for the new venture.

After investing individually and collectively for many years, the founders realized that true economic empowerment comes from working together, and working together is the only way that our community can close the wealth gap. The companies funds are currently geared toward real estate, especially the vacation rental home market, but future investments will include media, technology, sports and financial services. From a skillset standpoint, the Carter and Butts are both action-oriented, ambitious, goal-driven doers. Carrington is a jack-of-all-trades business guru, skilled in the ability to mobilize people around a vision, marketing, sales, business operations and a self-taught finance person. Calvin is an expert at understanding, engaging, and motivating people, driving business results through marketing and sales, and relentlessly pursuing goals.

East Chop Capital is committed to providing the best combined financial, educational, and social returns. The educational returns are compromised of teaching others about business, investing, and building wealth through multiple revenue streams and