AJ Dewberry Built a Successful Business By Repairing Cell Phones and Investing in Vending Machine

One day while scrolling social media I came across a profile that interested me and soon I would begin to see this name and person everywhere. AJ Dewberry would eventually become a name and a man who would leave a lasting impression on me.

Born in Griffin, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, AJ was always exposed to the entrepreneurial side of life. Most of his family members were business owners and he would soon learn skills and lessons from the family-owned tax franchises and sales offices that would inspire him to become his own business owner. During his teenage years, he and his cousins would start a candy stand in the summer to sell to kids in the neighborhood.

Although learning business tactics from family was informative, it would be a college education that would take the members of the Dewberry family to the next generation. AJ first attended Albany State University where his goal was to get into education and create change in the school systems by becoming a principal. His plans changed and he later transferred to Clayton State University where at the age of 21, he would graduate with a bachelor's degree in business in 2015.

AJ began working at UPS and would eventually become a supervisor. It was during this time that he decided his time with the company was coming to an end and he wanted more out of life. Being the boss was something that he always felt connected to but the question was, what did he want to be the boss of?