Race Against Time: Keith Boykin Talks His New Book and the State of Politics

Can Keith Boykin save America? Since his early days at Harvard law school, the former White House aide to President Bill Clinton knew his purpose was to disrupt a system that was never designed for marginalized communities. From the moment Keith ran after the Dean of Harvard law school at the time, hoping to get him to speak to those who attended a protest for diversity, the spark for Keith’s purpose was lit. Now the New York Times best-selling author is putting America’s turning point in center focus with his latest book, Race Against Time: The Politics Of A Darkening America.

Watching Boykin as a CNN political commentator, and knowing the work he has done up to this point, one would think he would have run for political office.

“I like the freedom I have to be able to talk about politics and not be bound by political parties or ideology. I am able to evolve how I want,” Boykin says. “I worked for many politicians and a President, that was enough to convince me that I didn’t want to do that. I do think electoral politics is a noble worthy profession, but it is not for me right now.”

Instead of holding any political office, Keith chose to take the route of activism, often challenging how we view and speak about politics. In law school, Boykin found himself helping to lead the “good fight.” He credits his early days as a journalist as preparation for the trajectory that would have him speaking truth to power. “Even the most marginalized among us, we have power when we use our voices to stand up and speak up for truth,” Keith describes a lesson he learned in his early days of activism.