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Beard Growth and Maintenance Hacks for Textured Hair

It’s no news that the state of a man’s beards could make or break his overall look. Some people even say that beards are to men what makeup is to women. If you are in doubt, look up pictures of Drake before and after he grew out his beards.

Taming afro-textured hair on your head already requires a great deal of care, especially if you’re growing it out. But, at least, you can go to a barber or a salon for this. With a beard, you have to care for it yourself.

Want to find out what you need to do to slay with your beards? Read on as I walk you through a few hacks that could help stimulate your beard growth and keep it looking lustrous and healthy.

1. Cleanse, Moisturize and Seal That Moisture In!

Usually, when people talk about great beards, they never have dry and scraggly-looking facial hair in mind. And why would they? Beards without moisture do not look very attractive. Plus, afro-textured hair thrives on moisture. That even makes it easier to tame your beard.

So, it would be best if you washed your beard often. After using your beard wash to cleanse your mane thoroughly, you are supposed to follow through with a non-comedogenic moisturizer and seal in all that moisture with beard oil.

Typically, most beard oils are concocted with essential oils that smell good. If you are particular about the smell, you could check out WiseBarbers’ best smelling beard oils list for recommendations.

2. Get the Right Products and Use Them Consistently

Please put away your “9-in-one” body wash for a moment. Let me tell you why you need products that cater specifically to your beards. First of all, your beard grows on your face, and the skin on your face is not quite like your scalp. It’s more sensitive. Compared to the hair on your head, beard hair often has a rougher texture. The beard oil for men softens and makes the hair more shiny.

Normal shampoos, soaps, and body wash are made up of compounds that strip away the natural oil in your beard area. You also have to steer clear of comedogenic moisturizers and oils. Because these products could clog your pores and inhibit the growth of your facial hair.

To witness growth, you must exercise a lot of patience and consistency. Do not give up just because the magic did not happen overnight. You are not in Hogwarts.

3. Pay More Attention to Your Diet and Lifestyle

You are what you eat. Eating a balanced diet can nourish your body well enough to stimulate healthy hair growth. Drink a lot of water and get enough sleep when your body demands it. Also, steer clear of stress as it could trigger hair loss.

Exercise has been proven to facilitate the release of testosterone, which triggers beard growth. If you have been putting off hitting the gym, here is your chance to get that fit body as well as the beard to match.

Love to smoke? Well, besides raising your chances of getting lung cancer, smoking causes hair loss too. So, what is it going to be? A good-looking beard or Cancer? I say beards!

To make your dream beard a reality, you have to be intentional and attentive to all these seemingly small details. Bear in mind that genes play a huge role in beard growth.

Doing everything I talked about in this post helps create the ideal environment for beard growth. Lastly, do not forget to keep your beards trimmed and tidy. It’s just one of the many grooming tips a gentleman should use.


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