Just Our Two Scents: 13 Men Share Their Signature Cologne

When it comes to a man feeling confident about who he is there are a few items that are definite. From the outfit he wears to the shoes on his feet, from the car he drives to the fresh-cut his barber has just blessed him with, these are all essential when it comes to male grooming. Another essential item is cologne. The way a man smells is imperative to set a standard when it comes to personal style. Now keep in mind that all of our body chemistry is different, so a scent that smells one way in the bottle, may smell slightly different when it meets the skin. The way my favorite cologne smells on me, will not smell the same way on you.

We reached out to some of our favorite gentlemen to see which fragrances empower them.

Kyle Biskit: influencer

Cologne: Bond No. 9 Lafayette

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Biskit

What was the most interesting/funniest compliment or reaction received when wearing your favorite cologne?

“Mmmm that smells delicious, can I eat you?”

How does having a good scent impact your confidence?