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Bubba Wallace Becomes the First Black Driver to Win the NASCAR Cup Series Since 1963

Another day, another Black man makes history. This time it was on the racetrack, as fans of Nascar watched driver Bubba Wallace become the second Black man to win the NASCAR Cup Series, with the first being Wendell Scott. Severe storms delayed the start of the event, but when all was said and done Wallace had just charged to lead the pack.

Wallace's historic win comes just over a year after NASCAR discovered a noose in a garage that was assigned to him. The finding came just a week after NASCAR banned the Confederate flag at its events at Wallace’s urging. Although the noose was real, the FBI concluded that no federal crime was committed.

"I never think about those things," Wallace said when asked about being the first African-American to win in nearly 58 years. "When you say it like that it obviously brings a lot of emotion, a lot of joy to my family, fans, friends. It's pretty damn cool. Just proud to be a winner in the Cup Series." Wallace's win marks the first win for basketball legend, Michael Jordan's race track team. "This is to all those kids out there that want to have an opportunity in whatever they want to achieve and be the best at what they want to do." Wallace finished with an inspiring message.


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