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Steve Urkel Returns Just in Time for the Holidays

“Did I do that?” Sounds familiar right? Well, prepare yourself for an Urkel-filled holiday later this year.

Actor and entrepreneur Jaleel White will reprise his character from the 90’s TV show Family Matters. Steve Urkel took the scene by storm from 1989-1998, in the fan-favorite series. Antagonizing the Winslow family, while courting Laura, Steve stole our hearts right from the very beginning. 23 years later, Steve will star in an animated musical holiday special entitled Did I Do That to the Holidays? The special will air on Cartoon Network as part of its new programming called ACME, which will include family-friendly content each Sunday. Along with the Steve Urkel special, other titles announced include Merry Little Batman and an untitled Looney Tunes Cartoons movie.

The special will be centered around Steve trying to correct his mistakes after publicly humiliating Santa inside of a shopping mall. To save the town's Christmas spirit, Steve must think fast. Steve’s plan to appease Santa revolves around his famous time machine invention. The only thing is the time machine just makes matters worse. The combination of Steve’s intelligence and temperament is always in the right place, even if the outcome has always ended in disaster. It's what makes Steve not only lovable but relatable. We are always looking for ways to right our wrongs just like Steve. So, in true Urkel fashion, Steve sets out to find the real Santa and restore joy to the town.

This isn’t the first time Steve has appeared in animation-style series. Just last year, the character starred in the 2020 series Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? The story showed Steve losing his Urkelbots, and recruiting Shaggy and Scooby to help save the day. There has not been an actual premiere date set for Steve’s return, but Cartoon Network’s new programming will debut on September 19 (6/5c). Stay tuned for more details to come.


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