Mai Johnson & Co. The Beauty Brand That is Making Male Grooming a More Personal Experience

The beauty industry is complex and can be intimidating, especially for men. For many of us, our introduction to personal care products started early through our shopping experiences with mom. We owe it to the women in our lives for innately training our minds to put hygiene first, no matter if we're trying to impress them or avoid being the weird smelly guy in the room. Also, let's give a round of applause to all the Black mothers for making sure we developed a routine for cleanliness or the fear of what's to come for not keeping clean. But as we mature and eventually leave the nest and enter into a reality where keeping up one's appearance now becomes a task for one, and manhood kicks in, where do you begin?

The male grooming and beauty market is forecasted to reach close to 100 billion US dollars by 2024. This growth suggests that men have been paying attention and have developed a keen interest in self-care and are eager to take up space in a market that has once put their needs last. Even household brands and companies are trying to figure out new and innovative ways to capture the male audience.