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'Heels' Star Allen Maldonado is Wrestling Inside the Ring and in Hollywood

From Netflix's Sneakerheads to ABC's Black-ish, actor Allen Maldonado has racked up a list of credits. And now the California native is ready to enter the ring in the new Starz wrestling drama, Heels. Premiering August 15th, Heels centers around two brothers who are at odds over their family's wrestling promotion. Maldonado plays Rooster, a rising star in the ring who gets caught in their family feud.

With years in Hollywood, Allen is ready for audiences to recognize he is more than just the funny character. Performing over 90 percent of his own stunts, and showcasing his dramatic chops, Heels is sure to introduce a new Allen Maldonado, a vast difference from characters he has played in the past.

We caught up with the actor to discuss his new role, the House Party reboot, mental health, if he will be popping up on the final season of Black-ish and more.


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