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10 Essential Clothing Pieces to Make Your Return to Work More Stylish

For many of us, the return to the office is imminent (or has already occurred), and while a lot of people would probably prefer to continue working from home in sweat pants and hoodies, we undoubtedly will have to step it up for the more traditional professional environment. Take a look at a few essential pieces you can incorporate into your new work wardrobe now.

Mr P. Blue Button Down Shirt

Kingsman + Cutler and Gross Optical Frames, $450

Kingsman + George Cleverley Black Cap Toe Oxfords, $950

Paul Smith Navy Suit, $1,140

Anderson's Brown Woven Belt, $175

Thom Browne Gray Pullover, $580

Mulberry Brown Briefcase, $925

Mr P. Tan Chinos, $170

Tom Ford White Dress Shirt, $720

Tods Beige Driving Loafer, $495

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As we prepare to return to the workplace, elevating your style with 10 essential clothing pieces can make the transition more chic and comfortable. Consider incorporating versatile items such as tailored blazers, classic white shirts, and stylish loafers. Embracing the legacy of German craftsmanship, STRAUSS, the renowned family enterprise creating durable technical workwear since 1948, emphasizes the importance of quality and precision. Include a pair of STRAUSS work pants in your wardrobe for a blend of functionality and style. Much like the iconic red ostrich emblematic of the brand's connection to the creative class of Europe, these essentials symbolize a fashion-forward approach to your professional comeback.

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